Law Of Attraction And Love

If you’re reading an  article about law of attraction and  love, it’s very likely because, at present, love seems to be evading you.

law of attraction and love

What is it you are looking for……A new Love?...... An old love to return to you?.... An improved version of an existing relationship?

Whatever state of relationship, or lack thereof, you currently find yourself experiencing, rest assured,  the cosmic law of attraction is already behind it. Many who are intent upon living the law of attraction and utilizing it to manifest their dreams and desires, focus upon activating the law of attraction, never realizing that it’s already fully activated and  what they currently experience is very much a result of this powerful, all pervasive law, simply matching them up with what the energy they have been  putting out through their thoughts and focus, is a match to.   

The most important thing that could be said about the law of attraction and love, is that you are unlikely  to find the love you are seeking from a place of feeling completely devoid of or in dire need of it.  It truly is a bit of a catch 22, and I’m sure some of you are sighing loudly, thinking, “Well, if I had the love relationship I wanted, I wouldn’t have the desire in the first place.” And indeed this is true.

Desires do not arise unless our current experience is to some degree absent that thing or circumstance, but that said, when it comes to the law of attraction and  love, if you are to successfully attract to you that perfect person to sip soup with,  there needs to be something already in the pot.

 There is a very special kind of love   that must be present within you,  despite the absence of a relationship with another, and this presence of this special kind of love ,  can and often does, make the difference between successful manifestation of love, or not.

Law of Attraction And Love....The Importance of Self Love

self love

It truly could be said that the Law of attraction and Love, go hand in hand in terms of the successful manifestation of desire. All desires, really.  But especially when it comes to love and relationships.

 When you truly love and honor yourself, you put out the perfect vibe to connect with the loving relationship you are seeking. Devoid of the energy of self  love, any successful manifestation of a relationship will be limited.

My advice therefore, regarding the law of attraction and Love,  particularly if you are feeling somewhat desperate with regards to your desires to manifest a loving relationship into your experience, is to spend some time focused upon love of self. Love of self  is no small thing, and very much worthy of your time and attention.

Find ways to honor yourself and to appreciate and even congratulate yourself often. If you are seeking law of attraction and love with another as a means of fulfilling the self love that is missing from your experience,  you’re going about it the hard way. Fall in love with yourself first, and the rest will follow.

My Own Experience Of Law And Attraction And Love - Living The Law of Attraction

My own experiences with Law and attraction and love have demonstrated this phenomenon time and time again, leaving no doubt whatsoever about the connection between self love and the actual manifestation of a satisfying relationship of love with another.To honor these connections is what it means to be living the law of attraction.

My husband and I have been happily married now for almost 16 years, and looking back, the manifestation of our relationship appears much like a happy dream. 

The Cosmic Law of Attraction Responds When You Put It In Writing!

law of attraction and love

Months previous to our meeting, I’d sat with pen and paper in hand, listed all the very specific  attributes and unique qualities  I was looking for in a mate. And when I say I got specific,  I got really specific, even with those things some say you shouldn’t worry so much about, like looks.  No doubt about it, physical attraction was high on my list. I delved deepest though into the personality  characteristics I wanted this man to have; kindness, sense of humor, the ability to take life lightly, and in general, someone like myself who had an understanding about the mirror-like quality of existence, who was intent upon living the law of attraction and actively striving for a life of joy.

I pulled the list out recently (yes, I kept it!), and was absolutely blown away by how closely my husbands traits align with my wish list. It didn’t pass my notice either, that the cosmic law of attraction, in all its  reliability, didn’t skimp on the looks and physical attraction  bit either!

  For our upcoming anniversary, I actually have plans to incorporate the list into a card for him, to show him just how much is really is still the man of my dreams.

With regards to the Law of attraction and Love, and successful manifestation of a loving relationship, it’s also important that I mention at the time I met my husband, I was newly single after an amicable divorce. I was absolutely  basking in self love, feeling very good about myself and my current lot in life and more specifically,  all the perks inherent  in being single.....having the bed all to myself....doing exactly what I wanted, when I wanted......painting my living room walls a deep purple and my my hallway bright red.....getting the whole bag of chips all to myself when I watched the movie of my own choosing. 

While I was indeed interested in eventually finding, making a home, and having children with a  new mate, I was not in any way feeling any fundamental sense of something being amiss in my life. And that is really the place you need to be in, to see yourself how Law of Attraction and Love of self, really do  intertwine.

Those who come together, feeling broken and seeking wholeness, may indeed have manifested a relationship of sorts, but more often that not, two broken people make for one broken, difficult relationship.

The strongest position to be in when seeking to manifest a loving relationship is, happy and content, and loving who you are, looking forward with positive expectation to joining forces with another who is the same. When one whole, complete person who deeply loves him/herself,  connects with another whole person, who deeply loves him/herself,  magic happens.

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