Law of Attraction And Prosperity

Law of Attraction and prosperity

To properly address the subject of law of attraction and prosperity, it’s important to first answer the question, what is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction refers to the ever abiding, always present energy that exists behind the creation/manifestation of  everything and every circumstance  that you see and experience in your reality. Where the “law” bit comes into play, is in the abiding, unwavering existence of this energy, in the fact that there is not one instance of creation, where “attraction” does not play its part.

Law Of Attraction And Prosperity; The Importance of How You Feel

To understand the relationship between the law of attraction and prosperity, it’s important to understand the importance of feeling and emotion.  The way you feel is always your indicator of whether or not you are creating in the direction of your desire, or further anchoring yourself into the very same  pattern you are now sitting in.

I receive quite a bit of mail from readers who want to learn about law of attraction and prosperity and more precisely, how they can manifest more money into their experience. Most of them, I’ve noticed,  are coming from a place of feeling anything but prosperous and abundant. It is precisely this sense of lack, that must be addressed if successful manifestation of prosperity is to happen.

When it comes LOA and prosperity, you must find a way, despite the fact that you  currently stand in a place of wanting,  to reach a state of feeling prosperous and abundant.  Sound crazy?

How Do I Achieve A Feeling Of Prosperity If I Am Financially Lacking At Present?

the feeling of prosperity

For most people, their sense of being prosperous and abundant, is very much directly tied to how much money they have salted away. A large sum of money in the bank account, and they say, “Yes, I am prosperous,” the absence of such, or worse yet, finances dipping deep into the negatives, with deep dept perhaps even,  and they declare, “No, I am not prosperous.”

They key to manifesting prosperity and abundance of all kinds, is that you must find some way to feel prosperity and abundance from where you currently stand. If you are one of those who find yourself currently in deep dept, owing large sums of money, and wondering how you are ever going to get ahead, that can sound near impossible. I am here to tell you, that it is entirely possible.

When it comes to law of attraction and prosperity and   manifesting money and abundance into your reality, you need to find a way to separate your feeling responses from the facts of  your current situation.

As feelings arise from thoughts and ideas, what you think in any given moment becomes of the utmost importance. In the case of law of attraction and prosperity and trying to manifest wealth and financial abundance, you either need to find thoughts about your situation that soothe your feelings about it, or if that is simply too difficult (as is often the case when the current circumstances appear very dire), you must turn your attention, thoughts and focus away from the situation of lack.  This can be as simple as focusing upon something different, preferably something in your life that IS going well, and that therefore, evokes good feelings. If that fails, meditation where you clear your mind of incessant thought,  is a great tool.  

Do not fear that turning away from thoughts of your lacking financial situation means turning away from or ignoring your desire for greater prosperity. Trust that regardless of whether or not you are focused in thought upon your desire, the universe and the ever present, cosmic  law of attraction,  is still hearing, receiving and responding to it. You do not  need to thrum your desire incessantly, thinking about it every moment

The Law of Attraction Hears and responds to desires

 The Moment A Sense Of Lack Is Felt, The Desire Is Born, And The Universe Hears and Begins Responding

In short, with regards to law of attraction and prosperity, you must find a way to embody, in this present moment, the feeling sense of already being prosperous and abundant, and you must continue to entertain thoughts in each moment, that evoke these feelings.

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