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These days, law of attraction books and law of attraction teachers, abound. Thus, It might be easy to believe that the ideas behind law of attraction and a self created reality are a relatively new thing. Fact is, these ideas have been around for a long time.  


A few of my very favorite law of attraction books are those that predate my birth. That said, I’ve recently found a few very new releases that really capture the essence of what it means to harness the law of attraction and make it work for you. I've listed the authors from past to present.

 My 10 Favorite Law Of Attraction Books

Wallace Wattles -  The Science of Getting Rich

Published in 1910, this book may use different linguistics and terminology than what most law of attraction books of today use, but this book clearly explains the relationship between thought, belief, feeling and how that relates to money. This book clearly describes the path to consciously creating wealth.

Neville Goddard -   The Neville Reader

 A collection of Neville Goddards books and essays about the power of  Thoughts and your innate ability to create  a rich and abundant life. Beginning in 1944, Neville Goddard wrote hundreds of books and essays on what was referred to at the time as ‘new thought’, but now is known as The Law of Attraction. Neville’s writings are engaging and unique in that at times,  he attempts to compare and ultimately bridge his teachings with those in the Christian Bible.

Joseph Murphy - The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

An indepth study and practice as to how to how to assess and then change beliefs, thereby, changing your life. This book gives step by step instruction, expressed simply and succinctly.

Jane Roberts – Seth Speaks - The Eternal Validity Of The Soul

Published in 1972, This book abounds with channeled information about a self created reality. Jane Roberts authored numerous other books, channeling Seth and purveying the specifics of creation, reality and even the afterlife.

Esther Hicks – Ask and It Is Given

 Despite having authored numerous quality books, this is my favorite of the “Abraham” series. Similar to Jane Roberts channeling Seth, Esther Hicks channels teachings from a higher, more evolved collective  of beings that call themselves “Abraham.” The teachings of Abraham flawlessly explain the power of emotion and the law that creates worlds.

Dwayne Dyer – You Will See It When You Believe It

 I enjoy all of Dwayne Dyer’s work, but this one in particular very positively describes and explains the inherent power of your thoughts, beliefs and feelings to create miracles.

Shakti Gawain – Creative Visualization

Use The Power Of Your Imagination To Create What You Want In Your Life: In this enjoyable, easy to read book, Gawain explains how to use visualization and affirmation to create all that you desire.

Lynn Grabhorn – Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting; The Astonishing Power Of Feelings

 I absolutely loved this book. Lynn Grabhorn was admittedly a student of Esther Hicks/Abraham, and she used what she learned through these teachings to express her own unique understandings of the law of attraction.

Meera Lester - 365 Ways To Live The Law Of Attraction; Harness The Power Of Law Of Attraction Every Day Of The Year

A truly practical guide to applying the law of attraction on a day to day, moment to moment basis.

Sandy Slovack – Hello You’re Fabulous! Build Your Self Esteem for Life

My most current favorite, published in 2016. Law of Attraction meets self esteem building. Chock full of practical exercises to harness the law of attraction and feel better about yourself.

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