Law Of Attraction Exercises

Law of attraction exercises are not only fun, but they serve to reinforce faith and  belief in the Law of Attraction itself. This is always important for a conscious creator.  Many who are interested in harnessing the law of attraction to consciously manifest their desires, come to this interest with a sense of hope that there is such a law that serves their highest interests, but not 100% confident in this law’s existence.

The kind of law of attraction exercises I recommend, address weak or  wavering conviction and confidence in the presence of the law of attraction. When one sees the power of his own thought reflected back to him in record time regarding something of little significance, the experience serves to bolster confidence when consciously attempting to  manifest much larger,  more important things or circumstances into his life.

Law of Attraction Exercises made easy

One of the most simple and effective law of attraction exercises I  recommend is one that is engaged in throughout the course of one day. You begin in the morning by simply choosing an object. You will write the name of this object upon a piece of paper, and then meditate upon this object for approximately three minutes time, and while doing so, affirm that your focus upon that object, is going to ensure its manifestation, in some form,  into your experience at some point within that same day.

Below is an an email I received from a reader who tried this particular exercise;


The first time I tried this, the object I chose to focus upon, was a strawberry. I envisioned a big, red, juicy strawberry in my mind’s eye, and spent a few moments meditating upon my intent to manifest a strawberry, in some form, into my experience that day.

It had only been around and hour and a half, when my girlfriend called.  We spoke for around ten minutes, and then just before hanging up, she informed me that the strawberries in her garden were ready for picking, and if my kids and I wanted to come over later, we could pick them and take them home.   I hung up, smiling, acknowledging to myself, that I’d just experienced the first manifestation of the day, regarding my intended item.

A few hours later, I left my home to run an errand.  Mere steps from my door,  I noticed a couple young girls playing hopscotch on the sidewalk across the street. I smiled to myself as I recalled doing the same in my younger years. I was about to continue on, when I caught sight of the emblem on one of the girl’s t-shirts. It was none other than a big, red strawberry! I laughed and shook my head, marvelling at the ways of the universe.

Later that evening, my daughter was putting on make-up in her room, when I entered and joined  in. “Oooh”, I exclaimed over a particular shade of shiny gloss she was smoothing on her lips, “I want to try that.” I smoothed it on my own lips and admired the results in the mirror. On a whim, I turned the gloss over to read the color and laughed out loud. The label on the bottom of the gloss read; Succulent Strawberry.

Law of attraction exercises such as this one, are fun and easy. They serve to increase your confidence in the presence of the law of attraction and to demonstrate just how powerful focus upon a particular idea can be.  A high level of confidence in the law of attraction helps you to focus your attention where it needs to be to manifest your desires quickly and easily.

Approach  law of attraction exercises like this one,  lightly, with a sense of playfulness and curiosity  and you will receive similar results to the readers’ story above. Once you have been successful several times using this exercise, you will be in the perfect place to start manifesting more substantial desires of  greater magnitudes.


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