Law Of Attraction And Inspiration

Inspiration plays an important part in the law of attraction and manifestation of desire.  And yet, it too is a manifestation that like all experiential things and circumstances that manifest, is itself subject to the presence of lack thereof of alignment.

It is mental and emotional resistance to what is that holds you apart from alignment. Absent  mental and emotional resistance to what is, inspiration arises naturally and plays an important role in the successful manifestation of desire.

In coming to understand the law of attraction and how it works, it's important to understand the difference between inspiration vs. a sense of duty, between inspired action vs. effortful action. Effortful action has a  sense of duty,  of seeking for, striving for, behind it. Whereas inspired action has a sense of excitement, eagerness, behind it.

And an idea that arises as an inspiration vs. a "should" is always going to get you farther along in terms of successful manifestation of your desire than the one that is founded on a sense of duty. A good rule of thumb when it comes to successful application of law of attraction teachings, is to not act towards your desired outcome unless and until you are feeling inspired to do so. 

Inspiration  arises when resistance to what is is absent. Inspiration is a manifestation like all other arising experiential content and thus, it too is subject to the laws of creation. 

How Do I Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Inspiration?

Again, inspiration arises in the absence of resistance, therefore, anything you do to STOP resistance to what is, will be beneficial.

If you find yourself mentally and emotionally resisting your particular arising circumstance, the best way to stop that resistance is to simply focus elsewhere. Divert your attention away from the troubling or lacking circumstances that are currently facing you and place your attention upon something that brings you a sense of well-being.

Even a few moments of actively practicing this diversion of attention can start the ball rolling in the right direction as momentum plays an important part in law of attraction. Thoughts that feel good have a way of bringing more  thoughts that feel good and so on. Think of inspiration itself as a thought or idea that feels good because really, that's what it is.

Inspiration Knows No Bounds

Inspiration arises on it's own accord. You don't have to sit and ponder, intellectualize, study or figure something out to "be inspired." In fact, if you are trying hard/efforting to figure out your next step towards the manifestation of your desire, in doing so, you will effectively be holding yourself apart from inspiration. 

Inspiration is a beckoning forth, an arising urge that is unfettered by efforting, trying to make something happen,  personal judgement and mental struggle. 

"If you're not excited about it, it's not the right path" Abraham (as channeled by Esther Hicks)

Refrain from acting towards the desire you are wanting to manifest until you feel a sense of excitement and eagerness to do so.

Action taken from a position of inspiration vs. a sense of duty will be so much more powerful. It's akin to the difference between soaring like an eagle above the mountain-tops, vs. trudging up the mountain with the wrong shoes, and a heavy, laden down back-pack. One is easy, effortless, fun, joyful, the other is effortful.

Inspired action is its own gift. There is simple joy in engaging with and acting upon the inspiration itself, regardless of the fact that all inspiration moves us closer to the direction of the fulfillment of all our desires.


Living The Law Of Attraction

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