Law of Attraction Quiz

law of attraction quiz

Take the following law of attraction quiz to determine  if you are successfully  living the law of attraction or thwarting your own efforts to manifest your desires into reality.

Answer Questions One Through Ten, based upon the answer that best fits:

1.You feel happy and positive about life, regardless of circumstances:

  • a)rarely
  • b)sometimes
  • c)usually


2.  You are in the midst of finishing up a tedious, five page essay on the computer. Suddenly the power goes out and in one instant, you lose your entire project into thin air. You:

  • a)freak out, and have a very difficult time letting go of the anger and disappointment. You rail about the loss of your project to anyone who will listen, for days.
  • b)freak out for about 10 minutes, but then slowly begin to regain your emotional equilibrium, and within a few hours, you’re able to think about starting over.
  • c)Freak out for a few moments, feeling the sense of loss, but quickly recover and are even able an hour later to see the humor in the incident. You give it little thought beyond that.


3. Take a moment to focus upon your present, strongest desire. Which statement most closely resembles how you feel about the manifestation of this desire?

  • a)   I seriously doubt if I will ever manifest this, but will continue to try anyway because I want it very badly and cannot see a way to be happy without it.
  • b) I am hopeful, but do not see any signs at present. I sometimes feel sad/bad because I do not have this, but also have times when the absence of this desire doesn’t negatively affect my experience.
  • c)  It’s simply a matter of time before I manifest this desire. In the meantime, I will enjoy the journey. I am happy and joyful with it or without it.


4.Which statement most closely resembles your belief?

  • a)The world is a difficult place.
  • b)The world is what you make it.
  • c)the world is what you make it, and for me these days, it is mostly wonderful!


5. When you find yourself experiencing a problem in life, you mostly:

  • a)find yourself unable to think about anything else but the problem.
  • b)think about the problem, but also experience breaks from that where you are able to shift your attention to something more pleasant.
  • c)put it on the back-burner if a solution is not presently readily available, with full understanding that the universe will take care of it, and move on to focus on something that brings me pleasure.


6. You come down with the flu on the day a fun outing with a friend is scheduled, you:

  • a)Tell yourself “Of course,” I never get to have any fun and continue to sulk about the missed opportunity for fun for the remainder of the day.
  • b)Reluctantly Accept that you are ill and  find yourself experiencing frustration about missing your scheduled date at various intervals during the day, but also have intervals where you’re okay with it all.
  • c)Accept that you are ill, and that your plans will have to be moved to another day with little in the way of continued disappointment, you re-focus on a day of self pampering and rest.


7. How many “emotionally off” (feeling sad, angry, upset,  out of sorts) days do you experience per month?

  • a) A day only filled with goodness is a rare thing for me.
  • b)about half and half
  • c) far more good days than bad


8. You notice your weight has crept up a bit since you last weighed yourself. You;

  • a)feel depressed
  • b)vow to do something about it
  • c)trust that all change is temporary and that your weight is well within your control


9. You overhear another saying something nasty about you. You:

  • a)think about what they said constantly, take it to heart, and feel bad all day
  • b)feel badly for several hours, but then move on
  • c)feel badly, but brush it off immediately as you know very well that opinions of others are really no concern of yours.


10. Which statement below do you agree with the most?

  • a)Life is all about keeping your head above water, and most days it feels like I’m swimming in deep murky waters, without a life jacket.
  • b)Life is all about keeping your head above water, and most days I work hard at it, but still succeed.
  • c)Life is about floating on the surface of the water, and these days,  I am a master floater.


Calculating Your Law of Attraction Quiz Score:

the law of attraction

How did you do on the  law of attraction quiz? Count up how many times you answered a), and give yourself one point for each.

 Count up how many times you answered b) on the law of attraction quiz, and give yourself 2 points for each.

 Now count up how many times you answered c) on the law of attraction quiz, and give yourself 3 points.

 Any score below 19; You clearly need to  not only buff up on your ability to focus and your Law of Attraction and manifesting skills, but you’d do well to read my article, How To Improve Self Esteem. Anything below 19 on the law of attraction quiz is an indicator that you are mostly allowing your present circumstances to dictate how you feel, rather than focusing upon the joy that resides within.  A score below 19 also indicates that at present, life for you is just not very much fun. (Not to worry though, all of that can quite literally, shift in an instant with the proper focus!)

 A score of 20 -23; You’ve work to do, but if you can continue to focus upon the joy that resides within, and can continue to remind yourself that outside circumstances are temporary manifestations only, and actually have no bearing upon the ultimate fulfillment of your desire, you  are well on your way to successfully manifesting your desires.

 A score of 23-29; You’re almost there! You truly do ‘get it’ and have almost mastered your focus. Continue to redirect your focus when thoughts of limitation creep in.

 A score of 30! You are a master creator. Nothing can get you down, as your center of peace is well established and is completely free of reliance upon outside circumstance.

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