Law Of Attraction Short Cuts

The following law of attraction short cuts simplify the process of manifesting. Many people find law of attraction teachings confusing. They struggle with the idea of emotional alignment amidst an arising desire for something that is at present, completely (and annoyingly), absent from their experience. They have difficulty grasping and applying all the premises involved in the process of deliberately creating that which they desire, and most of all, they get bogged down with actually applying this law and all that is encompasses,  to their everyday, moment to moment, experience of life.

Law of Attraction Short Cut Number One:

Make peace with where you currently stand. Yes, the very fact that you are interested in practicing and applying the law of attraction for the purpose of deliberately creating that which you desire, necessarily means a focus upon the future. But it's also important to take the time to align with all that this present moment holds. Of course, if the experiential content of this moment were completely and totally, emotionally and mentally fulfilling in every way, you would not be desiring for something different in the first place, but it's important to acknowledge that what currently presents, is in it's own way, entirely perfect and not just as it should be, but actually, the only way it could be. Acknowledging this in no way contradicts a desire for change in the next, future moment.

Undoubtedly, fully accepting and allowing all that is currently happening in your experience is not easy when your personal values, wants, likes, and preferences are vastly different from what is. Making peace with where you currently stand, necessitates looking deeper than the mere surface experience of things. It means looking at life, creation, experience as a whole, from a more expansive perspective. It means putting ego aside to see beyond personal value judgements about what is good, bad, optimum.

Acceptance of the here and now hinges upon the understanding that right here, right now, all that is appearing in experience, IS what's appearing in experience. Acceptance means no longer arguing with what is. No longer mentally fighting against current circumstances.

In acceptance and allowance of all this present moment holds, we align with creation of the new, whereas in resisting and fighting against what this present moment holds, we actually further anchor ourselves within the current flavor of discord, of our present experience.

Most are likely familiar with the adage; That which you resist, persists. It's true. Mentally and emotionally fighting against what is, is a sure recipe for creating more of the same. Mentally and emotionally accepting, allowing and embracing what is, is a sure recipe for creating new happenings, circumstances, experiences that align with preferences.

Law of Attraction Short Cut Number Two:

Align with what is by practicing gratitude and appreciation. This law of attraction short cut involves a more mentally active stance than mere acceptance.  It involves actively seeking out aspects of your current experience that are pleasing to you, that are working well, that DO align with your deepest values and then,  focusing intently upon them.

What is happening right here, right now that you feel grateful for? What facets of your life and current experience do you like? What circumstances surrounding your current position in life evoke within you a sense of appreciation? Simply spend some time not merely focusing upon those, but actually reveling in them. Regardless of how bad things may look on the surface of things, there is always something you can find, however small, to appreciate.

Even a few moments spent focusing upon those things that evoke gratitude and appreciation each morning and then again in the evening before you go to sleep at night can have an enormous impact upon your general countenance and overall alignment with the creative forces of the universe. 

It's important to see and acknowledge that regardless of what it is we're wanting to manifest, what we're really after is a sense of contentment in this present moment. That car, house, job, lover, we are seeking, is ultimately being sought after because we are currently feeling a sense of discontent, right here, right now,  without it.

The key is, to become content with life NOW. In doing so, you step into the realm where your preferred outcome can easily unfold. Absent resistance to what currently is, all desired outcomes can unfold easily, effortlessly and more importantly, "naturally." 

When discontent is absent from this moment, you are naturally and effortlessly in alignment with any and all preferences for what will be, that might arise.

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