Law Of Attraction Tip

The following law of attraction tip simplifies the process of deciphering whether or not you are currently a match to your manifest desire. It involves looking directly at the arising desire itself. All it takes is a moment's time. In doing this you will quickly come to see whether or not you are in alignment with that which you hope to manifest or whether you are standing in resistance to what you want to manifest, thereby, actively repelling it from arising in your experience.

A Law Of Attraction Tip That Is Super Easy to Implement

All you have to do  to implement this law of attraction tip is to focus upon the desire you are hoping to manifest and  ask yourself, does this desire feel good or bad?

What I call burning desires feel more painful than good. The burning aspect of a desire is an indication that you are currently overly focused more upon what you judge to be  missing or absent from your present reality, than what you hope to see made manifest.

A burning desire has a sense of deep limitation and need at its basis. Which is really another way of saying a burning desire has delusion at its basis. For truly, there is no-thing or circumstance you actually need to be made manifest, to be at peace.

When you focus upon a burning desire, it hurts, it causes emotional pain, because you are deeply entrenched in the sense of limitation and lack that gave rise to the desire for betterment. There is a misconceived idea at the root of all painful, burning desires and that is the idea that you need for specific conditions to be in place, to be happy, content, to experience an overriding sense of well-being.

The truth is, that the contentment you seek is not dependent upon anything other than being unified with the experiential moment at hand. While it's nice when conditions conform to your wants and preferences, this conformance is really not necessary or needed for peace to be. Seeing that, is what frees you from desires of the burning variety.

A burning desire hurts because you don't really believe that the desired condition, thing or circumstance will actually arise. A painful desire has disbelief, lack, limitation at its basis. Successful application of law of attraction teachings means turning disbelief into belief, limitation and lack into a present sense of abundance.

A desire that is absent need, on the other hand, conjures up a sense of excitement when you focus upon it. It is more an intent or preference for what will unfold than an emotionally based desire. 

Desires that are absent a sense of need are intermingled with anticipation and an expectancy that their manifestation is a given. Desire that is absent need feels light vs. heavy, and it has at its basis a sense of unity and cooperation with the world of experience rather than a sense of separation and fighting against it. 

This law of attraction tip is really all about identifying the presence or absence of resistance where your desire is concerned. Desires that arise as a response to resisting this moment in experience and all it holds, is a desire that you plain and simply are not currently aligned with. Get into alignment and watch it manifest. The law of attraction dictates that this is so.

A desire that arises as a response to flowing with this moment in experience and all it holds, IS a desire whose manifestation you are aligned with. Its really that simple.

Check out the bottom of my Living The Law Of Attraction page to find a myriad of free articles describing what you can do if after applying this law of attraction tip, you come to see that you are not aligned with your current desire.


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