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The law of attraction is always at work. It responds to our vibration and manifests circumstances and events that are compatible with it, into our reality.Creating a vision board, is one of the best ways I’ve discovered to really harness and utilize this powerful and ever present law.

I was first introduced to this idea while watching the movie, “The Secret.” I bought cork boards and thumb tacks for the entire family and all of us jumped into our individual projects with enthusiasm. I spread magazines over the kitchen table and before long, each one of us had a stack of pictures, representing the desires we intended to manifest, to tack onto our vision boards.

harness the law of attraction to manifest desire quickly

My greatest intention and desire that I wanted to manifest at that time was to finish writing my manuscript, Poppies From Heaven…And Other Signs From the Hereafter, and secure a publishing deal for it. I had painted a picture of my brother flying over a poppy field, through a purple sky, into a vortex of light. It seemed to me that it would make a perfect cover for the published book. I knew if I could come to a place of belief regarding this, law of attraction would do the rest.

I took a photo of my painting and stuck it on my vision board. Next, I used lettering to spell out the title and cut out words and phrases to place around it, indicating a book that was published and available for sale.

I placed my finished vision board against the wall of my bedside table. Every time I went to bed at night, or woke up in the morning, I’d look at my ‘published book’ there on my vision board. I got into the habit of telling myself each time I looked at it, “It’s a done deal…..a publishing deal is on its way….the book will be successfully published and I WILL absolutely be holding a book in my hand that looks just like the one on my vision board.” This, coupled with assurances I’d received through communication with my deceased brother brought me to a place of belief rather quickly, regarding this goal.

I reached the point where I’d simply look at this picture on my vision board and excitement would flood through me. I no longer had to consciously make a point of choosing to think positive thoughts regarding the manifestation of my desire to have the manuscript published. It became automatic whenever I looked at my vision board. Much like Pavlov’s dog, I had become conditioned to have a precise response when I viewed it. This is the key to using a tool such as a vision board, to manifest your desires. We must find a way to create an automatic, inner response from our subconscious to the image that represents our goal.In doing this, law of attraction will respond to our vibration and belief regarding our intention, and bring it to us.

I am thrilled to say that in February of this year, my desire to find a publisher for my book came into full manifestation! After persevering through many rejections, I finally received an offer to publish from O Books in the U.K. Out of all the publishers I sought, O Books tops them all in terms of my specific personal goals regarding the publication of this book. The law of attraction had lined me up with the perfect publisher.

Upon signing the contract with O Books, I communicated to them my desire to use my painting of my brother for the cover. I was told that many factors come into play regarding book covers and certain criteria such as photo quality and suitability would all have to be considered. The bottom line was; they had the final say. When the book went to cover design and I still had not heard back regarding my painting, I assumed that likely O Books had found it unsuitable. I was willing to accept the fact that perhaps my published book would have a different cover than the one I’d imagined, but I did acknowledge to myself that after so many months (two years actually!) of picturing my book with my painting as the cover, it would be strange for the cover to be different.

Imagine my joy and surprise when O Books asked me to click on a link to review my book cover and I saw my painting of my brother! The designer had blended the poppies into a solid red band at the bottom of the book and the title was displayed in White lettering. The cover looked exactly as I had always pictured it! Clearly, law of attraction had responded to the picture of my book that I'd been holding in my mind.

I cannot describe the feeling of awe and intense satisfaction I felt at that moment. I’d done it! I’d manifested a publishing deal and a book that looked exactly like the one on my vision board. I imagine the only thing that may top the feeling of that manifestation will be when I first hold the physically manifested book in my hands. I’m expecting nothing less at that moment than hearing the angels of creation sing!

How To Make A Vision Board

law of attraction vision board

I find a cork/bulletin board works best, as you can use stick pins or tacks to secure pictures and then move them around as you see fit. Choose whatever size appeals to you. Make sure it’s big enough for all the important desires you intend to manifest.

Look through magazines or photos to gather pictures that represent your goals. Choose pictures that speak to you and your desires. Make sure they’re a good representation of what it is you’re trying to manifest. Cut out phrases or words you find that also represent your goals and desires…basically anything you can find that causes you to feel aligned with your intention is a good choice…...for some this may even include objects that can be tacked onto the board. (For example; I tacked up several of the Remembrance Day lapel poppies that my brother sent me following his death). Law of attraction responds to all vibrations, choose pictures and items that will help raise yours.

Once you’ve created your vision board, place it somewhere where you will see it often. Make a point of looking at it frequently and make sure you choose thoughts reflective of positive expectation, happiness and excitement when you look at the images you’ve chosen. After doing this for a few weeks time, you’ll find the positive thoughts happen automatically. (More evidence of how law of attraction works with our thoughts!) This is when the true magic begins…when the law of attraction takes hold and begins the process of manifesting your desire!

As your desires manifest and evolve, change the images on your board accordingly. I’m at the point now with mine, where I need to re-vamp my book image to reflect a successful, wide-selling book that will be of help to those grieving the loss of their loved ones and those seeking affirmation about life after death.

Time for me to get out the magazines and get busy…I’ll likely be clipping out phrases that contain words like, “Best Seller.” When I can look at my "Best Selling Book" on my vision board and feel excitement and real belief that it will be manifested, I'll know that law of attraction is working behind the scenes to make it's manifestation a reality.

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