Proof Of Life After Death - A Reader's  Experience of Afterlife Signs

Is there really life after death? Most of us never consider this question as much as when we find ourselves coping with grief following the death of a loved one.

first hand proof of life after death

My own experiences with the afterlife occurred following the passing of my brother, Murray and the first hand proof of life after death that I received has left me forever changed. Personal experiences involving afterlife signs are indeed the most compelling in terms of strengthening our belief about the eternal nature of life.

While many of us may hold a belief about life after death prior to losing a loved one, direct experience of after death communication will undoubtedly leave us with renewed faith.

Several weeks ago, I received a shared comment through my website from a visitor named Tanya. Tanya recently experienced the death of her mother and she shared her amazing experiences of after death communication. As Tanya found herself coping with grief following the immediate passing of her mother, she began to receive afterlife signs, first in the form of a rainbow and later in the form of beautiful images within clouds.

Tanya has captured these images in photographs and has created a website that features these beautiful and uplifting photos. Through these photos and through her story, Tanya offers compelling proof of life after death. I found the rendition of her experience to be profoundly uplifting and was extremely grateful when Tanya agreed to share it here on my website.

Q & A

  Tanya's experience with after death communication

Below, Tanya shares her experiences involving the life after death communication she received from her mother following her death in November 2010. You can view Tanya’s photo gallery through her website;

Q. Prior to your Mother’s death, did you hold a strong belief in life after death? If so, how did this affect you emotionally during the period of your mother’s illness? Did you and your mother discuss these beliefs prior to her passing?

My entire life I have held a belief in life after death. As a very young child and even through my teens and young adulthood, I have on several occasions witnessed spirits. I would always confide of these visions with my mother. She was extremely understanding, considering that she herself did not truly believe this was possible.

As I grew older, she became more of a believer, as she saw that I was well past the age of "imaginary friends", so to speak. When my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in January of 2010, I literally felt a shift in myself. I felt as though, someone had pushed me off the roof of a skyscraper and I was falling.

Throughout her illness, I was falling in slow motion, and I agonized with the fear of that "crash landing" that I knew was inevitable. I felt strongly that this wouldn't be the end, deep inside I knew we would remain in contact. But the humanness in me created an inner struggle. What if I'm wrong? What if she crosses over and that's it, gone forever? So I continued my fall, a slow descent that I knew would end when they pronounced her time of death, the slow descent that would end when I finally land and what was left of me would shatter.

I wanted to speak to my mother about this but I couldn't find the words. I froze. I didn't want her to see my fear. I didn't want her to feel my pain. She was in enough pain. Instead, I talked to her daily about how wonderful it was going to be, the beautiful world, the life after death experience that awaited her. She found comfort in this. And then, on the morning of Nov. 27, 2010, I knew our time was running out. I knew I had to say something now before it is too late. She was semi-comatose, but as she held my hand, I somehow knew she was still with me. And so I asked her," Mima, please, please, when you get there, when you get to that beautiful place, will you please send me a sign. I just need to know that you made it safely and that you are happy". She looked me in the eyes and through tears she nodded her head and whispered, "Yes".

Q. You’ve described how upon your mother’s initial passing you had a very difficult time coping with grief. Did you find yourself ‘searching’ for signs and proof of life after death from your mother and if so, do you think that your level of belief in life after death helped you to see the signs your mother was sending?

The next day, Nov.28, 2010, at 9:25pm, I pronounced my mother's time of death. I was blessed to have the chance to be at her side and I held on to her hand until it was limp and lifeless. I knew at that point this was only her shell, the vessel that her spirit used while here on Earth, to interact on this physical plane. I became numb, and at the same time I could feel everything, yet, I felt nothing. I walked outside and looked up to the sky. And I talked to her, knowing she could somehow hear me. And I reminded her that I am awaiting her sign.

One week later, on Dec.05, I still had not received it, and I was in despair. Could I have been wrong about life after death? Is she okay, what is going on? I went outside and sat on my porch swing and I cried. I cried as I spoke to her and reminded her once again that I was waiting. Then, as I started to make my way back inside, I happened to glance up at the sky. There it was, my dear mother's sign to me that she had indeed made it! Her sign was bigger than life.

Right over my house was an upside down rainbow! It was a huge smile in every color of the rainbow, draped in a silky, wispy cloud with silver lining! I felt her energy with every fiber of my being, I felt her happiness, and I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that this was her sign to me. She not only made it, she is happier than she has ever been! So, I ran inside and grabbed my camera.

I yelled out to my family members that had come over to watch the Saints game, so they too could witness this greatest of all miracles. And watching them all stand there, gazing up at my mother's beautiful life after death sign, I cannot describe how I felt. The looks on their faces, smiles through tears, pure awe! And I knew instantly, that they (the unbelievers) who thought I was in denial and not dealing with the fact that my mother is gone, they felt it too. They are now believers, and at that moment, we all began to heal.

Q. Can you describe your experience the first time you realized that your mom was sending you afterlife signs through the sky? How did this make you feel? Can you describe the continuation of these life after death signs and the process you go through in first ‘seeing them’ and then capturing them on film?

That afterlife sign from my mother was so much more than I expected. But, as it turned out, that smiling rainbow was not her sign, it was only her "heads up" her "calling card". The sky was so breathtakingly beautiful that day and I decided to take more pictures. The clouds looked like angels, soaring above our town with a freedom unbenownst to us. So I took photo after photo, until darkness fell. And when I uploaded these photos to my computer, I was amazed, astonished, dumbfounded!

They were angels. They were spirits. Two photos I know, without a doubt, were of my mother. And that's when I realized. I did land that day my mother passed on. I did break. But I didn't break apart. I had broken open. My mother's passing was a catalyst in breaking me open to be who I really remember that it is okay to see past this box that we create as human beings, traveling around in human bodies forgetting that that’s just the tiniest part of who and what we truly are.

Our physical body is not our truth. Our truth, who we really are, is energy.This energy that is us is so much bigger than these vehicles or human bodies that we use to interact with one another while here on the physical plane. I have awakened to the ability to tap into that, to tap into the remembrance of my whole being, of who I really am, a spiritual being, first and foremost. I mean, if the physical body can die and decompose, but the spiritual being lives forever, it’s pretty obvious which is the bigger part of us.

Q. How have these life after death experiences impacted your own process of coping with grief?

This has greatly helped me to cope with my grief. I still miss her, very much so, after all, I am only human and I am still here in the physical, where pain is a learning process. And I, personally feel, that pain is a requirement for soul growth. But it has helped me to 'remember that we are all spiritual beings, and that our departed loved ones are not truly gone. There is life after death and they are merely on the other side of the veil. We can still communicate. We can talk with them, open ourselves up to them and ask questions, but be willing to be open to notice our answers.

We must listen, not just with your ears, listen with our heart, listen from that place deep within us. Your answers will come. More than likely they will not be in words or phrases, they may come as a very strong hunch or an undeniable feeling. Our answers may come symbolically, and they may not come right away.

The answers may come hours or even days later, maybe in a song that happens to be playing when you turn on your radio. You might spot your answer cleverly posted on a billboard that catches your eye, or even on the license plate on the car before you in traffic. It may be hidden in a conversation with a total stranger. Your answers could even come as a photo of a random cloud. But you will get your answer and you will know it when you see, hear or feel it. Your intuition will shout at you, “Aha, that’s it!” But you must be open and you must be willing to receive, because only when we believe will we see.

Your guidance and after death communication will come, you just have to get yourself out of the way. And you can do that through meditation. Allow your “self” to step aside for a while and meet the real you. Your Truth. That energy that is your spiritual being.Learn to let go of your loved one as a physical form. The less you think of them as a physical form and accept them as the spiritual form they are, the easier it will be to experience life after death communication with them.Releasing them of their physical role allows them to communicate easier with you from the spiritual level as it opens up the line of communication, bringing in a broader perspective outside of the physical.

Q. What prompted you to create a website that features these incredible images and what has been the effect of you sharing these life after death signs with others?

What prompted me to create a website is the unrelenting urge to share with others what my mother has shared, and continues to share, with me. I find such comfort and solace in knowing that my mother is not "dead" she is very much alive. Life after death is a reality. She is in a glorious place, free of pain and human limitations. What more could we want for our loved ones?

Q. What advice would you give to others who are coping with grief regarding their ability to connect with their deceased loved ones through life after death communication?

I want others to know to let go of the idea of their loved ones in a physical sense. Their role on Earth as your mother, father, brother, etc. is over. Their journey here is done. Learn to let go of your loved one as a physical form. The less you think of them as a physical form and accept them as the spiritual form they are, the easier it will be to experience life after death communication with them.

Releasing them of their physical role allows them to easier communicate with you from the afterlife. It opens up the line of communication, bringing in a broader perspective outside of the physical. And once you make that initial contact, you will be empowered in the sense that you will come to learn the truth, that yes, 'There is nothing to fear but fear itself!"

Proof of Life After Death

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