Life After Death - Is There Punishment In the Afterlife?

Does Life After Death include Punishment for sins or transgressions made while physically alive?

My own experiences with after death communication have not only left me with a solid belief in life after death, I’ve also come to accept that there is no outside energy of punishment, condemnation or judgment perpetrated upon us in the afterlife. As I've come to understand, while we do experience a review of sorts of our entire physical life, this form of judgment is mitigated by a profound and abiding level of acceptance and love, as physical life is viewed from a level and perspective of expanded consciousness unknown to us while we remain physically based.

Life After Death - Where does karma fit in?

punishment in afterlife?

What about Karma? Isn’t it only fair that we are punished for unkind deeds and transgressions committed while physically incarnated?

The concept of Karma is a man made concept created by the human mind. As humans, many of us cannot conceive of an afterlife that does not offer punishment or reward based upon our decisions and behavior while physically incarnated.

While I do believe there are certain physical life circumstances and parameters we ‘set up’ for ourselves from the full vantage point of our expanded spirit prior to incarnating, we do so with a particular growth experience or adventure in mind, rather than viewing these seemingly difficult beginning circumstances as a means to punish ourselves for past sins.

The concept of ‘fairness,’ as we perceive it while physically based, simply does not exist in the same way once we come to experience the afterlife.  Everything we come to experience both while physically alive and from the vantage point of life after death, is always a result of our thoughts and subsequent vibration, therefore, in every moment that we are alive and are emanating a vibration, it could be said that we experience “karma.”

For example; We vibrate a certain frequency, we experience a certain reality. We think a certain thought, we experience a resultant emotion which creates a resonant circumstance. Both instances illustrate the pervasive and constant effect of the law of affinity or law of attraction.

Like attracts like, therefore, if we think thoughts or commit deeds of a lowly vibration, we will come to experience more of the same almost immediately and definitely within this physical lifetime. We are always responsible for the thoughts we are thinking and accepting and the resultant vibration we are emitting as a result...really, what could be more ‘fair’ than this?

Therefore, Karma of a sort does indeed exist, except, unlike the version that many humans believe in, where we are ‘punished’ at a later time, (when we come to experience our life after death or we re-incarnate) for deeds committed, we actually experience the reciprocating manifestation of the content of our vibration much more immediately. It could be said then, that ‘karma’ does indeed exist, but it plays out almost instantly. From this perspective, the word “Karma” and the term “law of affinity” are essentially one in the same.

When we pass from the physical and experience life after death, we don such an immensely expanded consciousness and perspective from the one in which we experience while physically alive, that any and all transgressions that we would have perceived through our physically based consciousness now appear in a very different light. These perceived transgressions indeed are ‘illuminated’ by our higher vibration and higher consciousness that we experience through our entry into our life after death.

When we experience the continuity of life following physical death, we view all of our physical experience from a vantage point of light and clarity and thus all aspects of it are illuminated and ‘touched’ by the essence of spirit. This perspective through the eyes of spirit, changes everything.

From this vantage point, full understanding occurs and the need for ‘retribution’ of any kind is non-existent.

I love the following Abraham-Hicks quote about life following death as it accurately and succinctly sums up the information I’ve received through my own experiences with after death communication.

"Everything is happening in the moment. So as you are offering a vibration in your now, you are receiving the result of that vibration. When you make your transition into the Non-physical, you re-emerge into Pure Positive Energy, and you leave all resistance behind. Everyone who makes their transition reaps the glory of Pure Positive Energy. That is really upsetting to those who want the bad ones to be punished. But it does not happen. Punishment is a concoction of man's disconnected mind." --- Abraham Excerpted from the workshop in Boston, MA on Sunday, October 10th, 1999 #721

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