Life After Death - How to align to  Receive Signs and After Death Communication

Many of the visitors who come to my website, are seeking verification of life after death through after death communication with their deceased loved ones. I’ve received numerous emails from people who are coping with grief following the death of a loved one. Many of them are asking for signs from their deceased loved ones and are frustrated that they are not receiving the after death communication they are seeking.

The question most often asked is, “Why am I not receiving the signs from my deceased loved one that I am asking for. What am I doing wrong.” Most of these people are very open to the idea that their loved ones do experience life after death and are thus perplexed over the fact that they cannot seem to hear the voice of their loved one and/or that they have not yet received a sign from their deceased loved one.

It’s been my personal experience that our deceased loved ones are always ready and available to speak to us and to send us signs to verify not only that they do experience life after death, but that they continue to remain close by. The laws of time and space no longer apply to the realm they reside in and therefore, our loved ones are free from such confines.

Whenever we have difficulty receiving and experiencing this after death communication, it has nothing to do with our deceased loved one. Their loving energy is always available to us. Instead, the ‘disconnect’ is occurring on our end.

In my experience, the notion that our loved ones are ‘busy’ and that they are therefore only available to us at certain times is incorrect. This is merely a physically based perception about a realm that exists beyond our current level of understanding. I suppose it’s only natural that we’d attribute qualities to the realm of life after death that are similar to those we experience in the physical. However, my own after death communication experiences have made it quite clear that linear time as we experience here on earth, no longer applies once we enter into the realm of the afterlife.

Life After Death:  Alignment Of vibration

It seems that our deceased loved ones are not bound by the limitations of space and time that we experience here in the physical realm, but instead, they are capable of experiencing a multitude of perspectives and points of focus and are thus able to ‘be’ in a multitude of different places simultaneously. Therefore, there are virtually no boundaries or obstacles on their end in terms of communicating their eternal love to those of us who remain earth-bound.

From our physical perspective,this can be difficult to fully comprehend. However, in order for us to receive a sign, we must be of a vibration where we are capable of ‘perceiving’ the signs that our loved ones send to us. For many of us, the period following the death of a loved one is a time of deep loss and sadness. These heavy emotions create a very slow, dense vibration within our being. Our experience of reality is always reflective of our current energetic vibration. Therefore, when we are coping with grief and feeling lost in our sadness, it can be difficult to experience the after death communication and signs that our loved ones are sending. The extreme focus upon our feelings of loss cause our vantage point to be incompatible with the sky high vibration of love and peace that these communications emanate from.

I find that whenever I’m missing a deceased loved one and I’m wanting to receive a sign from them, it helps to get quiet and focus upon them in a way that allows me to feel good. Even a tiny shift in vibration can help immensely.

Instead of focusing upon how much I miss my deceased loved one, I instead allow myself to fondly remember the love, the fun times, and specific conversations we shared, complete with all the wonderful traits that made this person so dear to me. You’ll know when this quiet time has produced a shift in your vibration as you’ll feel happiness rather than pain at the thought of your loved one. It is this experience of positive emotion that will place you in the vibration necessary to receive the life after death communication you are seeking.

Below are some practices that can help raise our vibration so we can experience life after death communication with our deceased loved ones:

Read about the after death communication experiences of others. This often heightens our own belief  in life after death, and therefore places us in a better position to receive communication from our deceased loved ones. Faith can play an important role when asking for and successfully receiving communication from our deceased loved ones.

Speak to others who share a common belief in life after death. Again, this often serves to strengthen or heighten our belief in an afterlife, thus helping us to emanate a vibration that is compatible with afterlife communication.

Meditate to quiet your mind and remove your thoughts of grief from your mind. While mindfulness meditation is good (focusing upon your breath and gently dismissing thoughts as they arise to again refocus on your breath), an intentional focus upon your deceased loved one can also have an uplifting effect and can serve to raise your vibration. click here for a specific meditation for afterlife communication.

For those who are seeking after death communication with a deceased loved one and have yet to make contact; Don’t give up. Your loved one has likely already sent many signs your way. Part of being able to receive signs from the deceased is being in the proper frame of mind to actually ‘recognize’ a sign.

Ask your loved one to send you a specific sign and then remain open to receiving that sign in any way it might manifest.One morning, I asked my brother to send me a butterfly and two hours later I received an envelope in my mailbox with artfully printed butterflies all over it.

Keep in mind that when you are feeling good emotionally, you are compatible with life after death communication with your deceased loved one.

Proof Of life After Death


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