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  The Tell Tale Signs that We've Truly Made Contact With Deceased Loved Ones

Life after death communication can be life changing when it comes to the difficult task of  coping with grief. To hold an inner knowing that you have made contact with a deceased loved one can absolutely transform your despair into peace. The knowledge that our deceased loved ones truly do experience life after death and that they continue to engage us in a loving relationship, is indeed capable of causing a profound shift in the consciousness of those of us who are grieving.

How do we know when we’ve actually received  after death communication from our deceased loved one?

In my experience, there have been certain tell-tale signs that alert me to the fact that I’ve truly made contact. While it’s quite possible that you will have your own unique tell-tale signs, my own experience mirrors that described by many who say they have received direct after death communication from their deceased loved ones. It is my hope that in sharing my personal experiences, I can help others who are grieving the death of a loved one to recognize when they are indeed making such a connection.

I receive many letters from visitors to my website. Most of these letters pertain to questions regarding the subject of  after death and life after death communication. There are many times when the author of the letter has described to me their deceased loved one and their attempts to make contact, where I myself have made a near instant life after death connection with their loved one. This occurred twice yesterday. Evidently I was of a vibration that made it easy for me to connect to the realm of the afterlife and thus ensued in two very profound connections with two very special and unique souls.

Below I will describe what I experienced and how I knew that I was in fact making a connection.

Personal experience of life after death communication

after death communication

In both cases, a profound feeling of emotionality came over me. There is always an immediate expansion of heart energy that is quite literally felt as a physical expansion within my chest area. My entire being became infused with a feeling of euphoric joy. I felt shivers and tingles of energy move up my spine, culminating at the top of my head. Whenever I experience these tell tale signs, I’m alerted to the fact that I am communicating with spirit, that someone is attempting to convey to me their continuation of life after death. I can often feel the urgency, excitement and love with which they extend these communications to their physically based loved one and their own ecstatic realization that they have in fact made contact with someone who can ‘hear’ them.

By focusing inwardly and allowing the witness or observer within to simply ‘watch’ the inner content upon the screen of my mind, I can tune into certain symbols, words or ideas that the deceased are attempting to convey. At times, I can find it somewhat difficult to decipher a symbolic communication from one that is more literal and because of this I simply write down the images or ideas I’m receiving without attempting to overlay my own interpretations. It astounds me that when I convey these communications back to the person who is grieving the loss of their loved one, they more often than not resonate deeply with the information being offered.

This is the same methodology I employ when conversing with my brother or when experiencing afterlife communication with other departed loved ones. I now recognize that these tell-tale signs of connection to the realm of spirit can be depended upon. When I feel the euphoria, joy and tingles of life after death connection, I’ve learned to pay rapt attention.

I very much stand by my assertion that this ability is in no way unique to myself or unique to those who declare themselves to be psychic mediums. We all have the ability to connect with our deceased loved ones and to receive direct afterlife communication. The connection of love that we share with our loved ones often makes it much easier to connect with them than with a deceased stranger. This is likely why I can connect with my brother far easier and with far greater frequency than I can connect with the loved ones of others. Connecting to those whom I do not share a personal relationship with is often more of a hit and miss nature. It is for this reason that I do not generally acquiesce to the requests of my visitors to provide mediumistic readings.

The ability to make a successful connection first depends upon our desire to do so. From there, a strong belief in  after death coupled with a certain amount of what is deemed as personal proof of life after death will help immensely.

I maintain that our own personal vibration at the time we attempt to make contact is of extreme importance. Although there is little doubt in my mind that the connection to the realm of the afterlife itself, causes an abrupt and immediate escalation in our energetic vibration. This is what causes the tell-tale signs of heart expansion, emotionality, euphoria and tingles.

I find that a deep focus or meditation on the love itself, that we feel for our deceased loved one can aid greatly in successfully facilitating the life after death connection we are seeking.

It is entirely possible that your own tell-tale signs will vary somewhat from mine. I merely offer my own here as a guideline. If the signs of  after death communication that you receive seem to be different, then simply accept them as such. However, I do believe that whatever tell-tale signs you may receive, the one indication that will likely be experienced, is the feeling of love and joy. I don’t believe it’s possible to connect to the realm of the afterlife without experiencing this profound shift in vibration as that realm embodies the vibration of love and joy.

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