Life After Death Book Review

The Beginners Guide for the Recently Deceased by David Staume

Looking for a life after death book to answerer your deepest questions about the afterlife?

What is the life after death experience really like? What is the process that our deceased loved ones experience and what will we experience through physical death? In this incredibly bold, intriguing and well written book,  The beginners guide for the recently deceased, David Staume professes to hold the answer to these question. Without hesitation, he provides concise and authoritative answers to such questions as; Is there a Hell? What about Reincarnation? Who am I? Who is God? What will the afterlife experience entail?

Life After Death book review

My only criticism of this life after death book is that the author speaks with an absolute authority about the life after death experience and the conditions of the afterlife, without any acknowledgment to the fact that all of his ‘facts’ have been obtained through his own subjective, human mind and human experience. From what I can garner from this book, the author has not himself had a near death experience nor has he derived his information from after death communication with the deceased. Instead his ‘facts’ seem to be derived from his own personal musings and study on the subject. This said, he indeed does have many interesting and varied things to say on the subject of the afterlife experience.

While many of us may indeed have what we deem to be direct experience with the realm of spirit, we must remember that while physically based we cannot escape the filter of our human perception and thus, it is impossible in my opinion to say with conviction that we absolutely ‘know’ specific, hard and fast facts about the realms that exist beyond the physical. I do believe that we can access and interpret the general natural of the afterlife experience, but to say with specificity that certain states, circumstances and occurrences absolutely occur when we pass from our human experience is to overstate our knowing.

In my own life after death communication with my brother, which I've used to write my own after death book,  I’ve received this message loud and clear; Try as we might, we cannot FULLY understand the true nature of God, life after death, the afterlife or our purpose for being from our position of being physical. Indeed, we can get glimpses and a general idea and understanding about these things, however, the nature of being a physically incarnate human being is that we perceive through physical ‘mind’ which is limited. Indeed we can utilize our ability for expanding awareness and we can stretch our perceptions in all directions, however, so long as we remain physically based and anchored to a physical body, here in the physical realm, ‘some’ amount of filtering through our physical perception will remain.

In his life after death book, David Staume goes into great and very specific detail about the entire process of passing into the afterlife and the conditions of the afterlife, as well as the myriad of ways our thoughts and beliefs continue to affect our life after death experience. He describes how our feelings, desires and emotions continue to be powerful astral forces once we leave our body and how our thought forms continue to affect and attract or repel those around us. Those seeking solace for grief about a deceased loved one may not find all aspects of the author’s assessment of the afterlife completely comforting. My own glimpses into the nature of the afterlife experience through my own after death communications have left me with an understanding of a much more loving, forgiving and beautiful realm than the one this author describes. Needless to say, I prefer my own ‘version’ of what the life after death experience entails.

Some of his assertions and descriptions I outright disagree with as they are in contradiction to the information I’ve received. From my experience, (which I fully admit, is subject to my own personal perceptions as well) there are no hard and fast rules regarding the specifics of what we will experience when we pass over.

The experience can vary greatly, with one constant; We enter into an energy of beauty, love and peace; we always unite with the spiritual part of our being or our higher self and our vantage point grows and expands to levels that we cannot experience or even imagine while physically based.

Again, as the author of this life after death book  provides no anecdotal evidence that suggests he himself has had after death communication with someone specific from the other side, I’m left to conclude that this is all information he’s gleaned from his own spiritual study. On the back cover it is stated; “The information in this book has come from his personal observations of nature and his studies in the fields of philosophy, science, metaphysics, and theosophy.”

In short, I find the information provided by this life after death book  about the afterlife experience and afterlife conditions to simply be too specific and too cut and dried. Once again, trying to understand and conceptualize the realm of the non-physical from our position of being physical is, according to my deceased brother, “like trying to explain an orange to someone who has only known an apple.” The overall ‘gist’ of the nature of the afterlife experience can be explained, however, concrete specifics simply cannot be ascertained, as the physical mind is simply incapable of FULLY conceptualizing that which is not ‘of’ a physical nature.

Indeed, there are other aspects of this book that I resonate with much more, such as the author’s explanations about energy, chakras, intuitive ability, the power of positive intention and tips for leading a more creative, powerful and meaningful life.

If approached with the understanding that this is simply one human being's subjective musings on what life after death and the afterlife experience ‘might’ be like, this book is likely to entertain. In my estimation, this book is actually more of a spiritual primer of sorts, as it delves into the many spiritual aspects of who and what we are. As such, I see it's value more as a book about spirituality than a book about the life after death experience per se.

In fact, I so much enjoyed this part of the author’s work that I would recommend this book based on the practical tips and in-depth explanations about creating a better physical life, alone.

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