Life After Death Experiences

I’ve shared my own myriad of life after death experiences involving my brother, both on this website, as well as in my book, Poppies From Heaven And Other Signs From The Hereafter.

I receive a multitude of email from those who have had their own life after death experiences involving their deceased loved ones, and I while I appreciate receiving all of them, as its always so uplifting to hear that others too, are connecting with their deceased loves ones in this way, I am unfortunately unable to feature them all.

The following story involving after life after death experiences,  I found to be particularly moving and also strong on tangible signs that defy logical explanation, thus I would also say, the following story goes a long way to offer proof of life after death.

I’d like to thank  Nancy B.  for sharing her story of life after death experiences with her mother. If you are currently grieving the loss of your loved one,   it is my hope that you will read my stories concerning my own life after death experiences, and the story from Nancy  below, and perhaps  move a little closer to belief that you too can communicate with and receive afterlife signs from  your deceased loved ones.

Nancy B. Shares Her Life After Death Experiences Involving Her Deceased Mother

My mom passed away after a difficult illness on June 19, 2014, at the age of 71.  I thought I was prepared, but nothing really ever prepares you for the actual death of a loved one, especially your mother.

My mom and I had talked a lot about her impending death, and having a strong belief in an afterlife herself, she wanted to establish some clear-cut signs prior to her passing  that I’d be aware of, for the purpose of verification of her continuation of life, following her physical death.

Her favorite flowers were tiger lilies. They grew around her home when you was a little girl, and they’d always remained special to her. Thus, together we decided that this would be one sign she would use to signal her presence to me once she passed.

For the past 20 years prior to her illness, she’d also collected bells, of all shapes and sizes, thus, we decided upon bells as another means of after death communication that she would use to signal her continued presence to me.

While driving home from the hospital, immediately following her passing,  feeling emotionally drained after saying goodbye to her and milling about with family for hours after, I suddenly became aware of a sticker on the bumper of the car in front of me as I sat stopped at the light. I was staring a the slogan “Go Tigers Go,” when I made the vague connection to tiger lilies. Right at that moment, the announcer on the radio, piped up with an exuberant, “How’s this for Being saved by the bell!....”.

I immediately laughed out loud, and had this beautiful feeling of love wash over me. I knew in that instant, it was my mom, good to her word, letting me know that she was still with me. I cannot adequately explain in words, the feeling that washed over me, in that very moment of receiving her signs, but also for hours afterwards. It was as though, she drove home with me, and stayed right by my side until I went to bed that night.

It was about three weeks later, when I was walking my dog, thinking about how much I would love a sign from my mom. Just then, an ice-cream truck drove by, ringing its bell, chiming it over and over….I started to smile….”here we go” I said to myself. Within seconds, a while butterfly flitted above my head. I watched mesmerized as it lazily floated and fluttered next to my head, never landing, but staying close by as I walked. A few moments later, it veered off and I could see it zig zagging, about 6 feet in front of me. I continued on, walking my dog like this for about half a block, the butterfly firmly in my sights.

About four feet up a particular homes walkway, I spotted the most beautiful tiger lily plant. I held my breath, both knowing and hoping that what I thought might happen, would. Sure enough, the white butterfly made a bee-line for the tiger lily plant, and landed upon it.  I stood there for I don’t know how long, contemplating the scene before me, and I eventually walked away, tears of understanding in my eyes,  leaving the butterfly still sitting on the petal of a tiger lily.

The Power Of Sharing Stories Involving Experience After Death

Life after death experiences like Nancy’s above, are not uncommon. Her story very much mirrors my own life after death experiences involving my brother, in that, I too, received stunning signs, beginning immediately after saying goodbye to him, and like Nancy’s signs from her mother, these signs were specifically representative of my brother. Guitar picks, Remembrance day  poppies and songs that reminded me of him, were common, and there was a frequent stream of life after death experiences involving him, for the first year following his death.

It has now been ten years since his passing in 1995, and although the signs and communications still continue, they are not nearly as frequent now that my need for them has lessened. Because of these life after death experiences, I now live in confident knowing that my brother remains close by. There is nothing quite like a belief in life after death to help you move as easily as possible through the process of grief.

If you’re interested in the  full account of my life after death stories concerning my brother, check out my book here.

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