Life After Death Signs From Sibling

by Bob Zimmerman
(Wood Dale,IL.)

About 1-1/2 yrs. after my older brother passed, he came to let me know life goes on! One night upon turning in, I heard my Name called ( in my ear, not in my head). As I laid down, I felt the hairs on my arms standing up- I felt static in the air- and then, as I laid on my side, I felt a hand pass thru my body- the coldest thing I ever felt.

A week later I prayed for my brother to move on but to let me know it was indeed him. The next nite I was sitting at my computer when I heard a popping sound. The moment I looked up, I saw my brother walk past the doorway- for 2 seconds I saw him and was given so much information. He was as real as anyone - solid - he was lit up in the brightest lite I've ever seen - a light that I noticed didn't make him squint at all - he was much younger - 30ish - looked so very clean and refreshed - he was smiling, but looked straight ahead, not at me. He was dressed very casual, like he use to on a Saturday. He walked by and was gone by the time I jumped up and ran to the door. Since that experience, I have asked him to contact me many times - he has come to me twice that I know of. Once, as I lay in bed, I felt goosebumps and waves of static pass over my body - from toe to head and back again, maybe 5 or 6 times. This right after I had asked him to let me know he was still with me. The other time I asked for a sign, well I have some of his shirts - on hangers- one morning getting dressed, I noticed one white shirt was hanging on the back of a blue shirt. I didn't think much of that until the next morning when I noticed the blue shirt was hanging on the back of the white one - then it hit me - that was my brother! I continue to talk and think of him - I'm waiting for my next communication - there is life after death! Believe it!

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