Life After Death - A Surprise For Non-Believers?

life after death

No one is more surprised about the reality of life after death it seems than those who were non-believers prior to passing from their physical body.

I’ve personally received after death communication from deceased loved ones telling me just how surprised they were when they passed into the after life to experience the reality of an afterlife.  Many psychic mediums relay similar stories.

Imagine believing wholeheartedly that consciousness is snuffed out when we pass from the physical body, only to die and find oneself more alive than ever.

life after death - a personal communication

The after death communication I’ve received from my brother in particular confirms this for me. Although Murray himself did believe in the reality of an afterlife, he told me from his new-found position, he had no idea while physically alive just how incredible it would actually be.

The major thrust of his messages to me regarding the afterlife and the nature and conditions of such, is that it is impossible for those of us who are still physically focused to accurately grasp the reality and true nature of the afterlife. He has told me it is beautiful, the ultimate experience of love, peace and freedom and that I will experience it myself when I pass over.

In one of the most profound experiences of after death communication I received from him, he asserted to me over and over again, “It’s real Faye. It’s a real place and it’s more amazing than you can even imagine.” The surge of beautiful, uplifting energy I received from him along with the message lasted for days and I’m quite sure this was but a tiny taste of what we will all experience when we pass into the realm of the afterlife.

Although I’ve always believed in the idea of life after death, my experiences of receiving after death communication and channeled messages have indeed further convinced me that life after death is a wonderful reality.

The following quotes, which are channeled messages from Judith Coates, channeling the words of “Jeshua,” offer some profound insight on this subject;

"Beloved one, no one can take your life from you. Your life is ongoing, and even after you release the body, you are going to find—as many of the loved ones have found—that you are still alive; most surprising. The consciousness continues."

"It comes as a surprise sometimes when ones allow the body to be released and they find that they are still alive. “What a surprise! I am still alive! In fact, I am more alive now than I was when I thought I was alive. I am able to go wherever I want to go immediately. I am surrounded by loved ones and by love. I am free.” This is what ones feel when they allow the body to be released."

Oakbridge University - Jeshua Online (The words of Jeshua - channeled messages from Judith Coates)

Proof of Life After Death


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