Life AFter Death

life after death

What happens to our consciousness after the physical body dies? Is there life after death? Does our spirit live on in another dimension, and if so do we retain our individuality and unique person-hood we knew while physically alive?

To all of the above, the answer is a resounding, Yes!

There are few of us who have not at some point asked these questions. We're all aware of the fact that our physical bodies will at some point die. For many, these questions become most poignant when faced with coping with the death of a loved one.

Coping with the death of a loved one becomes near unbearable without some proof of life after death. Through sharing my personal insights and experiences, I hope to instill a level of hope and belief to those grieving such a loss. The realization that we can continue our relationship with the spirit of those who have passed on, brings great comfort. This knowing can transform our experience of loss from one of devastation into one of peace and acceptance.

Proof of Life after Death

Throughout my life, I've always had a strong belief in an afterlife. However, until 2005, when my 41 year old brother, Murray, passed away unexpectedly while sleeping, I had yet to encounter what I'd call first hand evidence or proof of the eternal nature of life.

Moments after saying goodbye to Murray's lifeless body, he began speaking to me. His message was one of unbounded joy. It was delivered with love and the special brand of humor that was unique to my brother. It quickly became clear through these communications that Murray was still alive and was the same person and personality that I had known and loved all of my life.

To this day, Murray continues to offer me proof of the eternal nature of life as he speaks to me telepathically and sends me numerous comforting signs that assure me he is alive and well in the afterlife. His passing and subsequent communication has resulted in a spiritual awakening within me and a profound expansion of my consciousness.It's safe to say that since having these experiences, I will likely never look at life the same way again.

the afterlife

Proof of life after death is both comforting and confirming. To receive evidence of life after death through communication with the deceased, contributes greatly to an overall belief in an afterlife.

Those in the afterlife are willing and available to communicate with us whenever we're ready, however, certain criteria must be in place on our end for this occur. If we're interested and willing, these criteria are easy to attain. In subsequent articles, I share many personal techniques for communicating with those on the other side. The first step to achieving this life after death communication is an openness to BELIEVE it is possible. Once this openness has been achieved and a strong desire for communication is present, the rest will follow.

Through my experiences, I've come to see that life really does continue on after death. The proof of life after death I've received has more than convinced me.

after death communicatioin

My beloved brother has assured me that there is no such thing as death and that life and love are eternal. This knowledge has been like a warm blanket providing indescribable comfort at a time where it was so desperately needed. My brother has conveyed to me that he is working in tandem with others in the afterlife to relay the following message, "There is no death. Love is eternal. We are all eternal beings. Relationships continue on after death."


Proof of Life After Death

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