Life As A Dream

Seeing life as a dream of sorts, hinges upon awakening to see that what you really are is that which sees, watches, witnesses the unfolding of experience.

The very fact that it is possible to look AT experience is your indicator that what you are, what you really are, is not itself an arising within experience.

Seeing life as a dream involves realizing that foundational to arising experience is an unmoving, unwavering, unchanging foundation. If you become very quiet and just look in any given moment, you can see that beneath that which is experienced, all the sensations, sounds, sights, feelings that arise,  lies the unwavering presence of Being.

There is never a moment in experience when this unwavering presence is absent. Anytime there is experience happening, this constant and abiding presence lies witness to it.

Seeing life as a dream means seeing the totality of that which arises within experience, all that appears, all that is heard, felt, intuited, experienced in any way at all, as a transient arising within/to that unwavering presence, which is what you really are.

From this vantage point of knowing that you are the unwavering, unchanging backdrop to which all else appears, that which does appear, that which is constantly in flux, constantly arising and then changing, ever coming and going, becomes illuminated as akin to  a dream or story. Like a dream or story, it has no independent substance beyond that which gives rise to it.

Absent identification with the appearing character that appears upon the unwavering backdrop of presence, the totality of experience becomes akin to a story, dream or movie. There is a certain distance, or  silent space  created between that which witnesses and that which is witnessed.

Whereas, prior to awakening to life as a dream, there is complete and total enmeshment within experience where the underlying, unwavering presence of Being is temporarily obscured through total captivation by the ongoing drama of it all.

Seeing Life As A Dream Means Freedom From Getting Caught Up In The Drama of Life

To see life as a dream means being free from enmeshment within any arising drama. Sure, you will still to some extent remain interested in the ongoing story/dream, but the depth to which the dream has the power to captivate, to totally bamboozle, to fully obscure that which you really are, is limited.

It is this limited ability of the dream content to suck you in, that means freedom from suffering.

I’ve conversed with many who suggest that seeing life as a dream necessarily means a disengagement with life in general. This is not so. If anything, absent the obscuring of that which you really are, engagement with the beauty inherent in life, goes even deeper. What’s gone is the sense of seriousness and urgency that generally accompanies identification with the dream character and the surrounding story.  



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