Living the Law of Attraction

living the law of attraction

What does it mean to be living the law of attraction?

Living the law of attraction means living from a place of deep knowing and understanding that all that appears to you  in manifest reality, including the way you feel in any given moment,  is a reflection of what is happening inside, with regards to the thoughts and ideas that you entertain.

Are you synched up with the reality in which your desire can manifest? The answer is as simple as asking yourself, how do I feel right here, right now? If the answer is anything lesser than “I feel a sense of well-being,” you’ve work to do.   

You  can accurately assess how close you are to manifesting your desire, by  assessing how you feel when you think about it. Does the thought of what you are desiring evoke a sense of excited anticipation or expectation,  or does it evoke a sense of frustration, worry, or a sense of lack? 

Excited anticipation means your desire is likely to manifest very soon. Frustration, worry or a sense of lack, means you are not currently an energetic match to the manifestation of it. It’s important to note;  Feelings themselves are actually  a form of manifestation, as they arise in response to the specific thoughts we think about our experience. It can be helpful to remember that if any kind of positive feeling arises when you think about your desire, you’re half way there 

Living the law of attraction -  Awareness Of Thoughts

law of attraction, importance of awareness of thoughts

When you believe your thoughts to be true, thought and feeling become inseparable. However, when thoughts are seen to be ‘just thoughts’, it becomes possible for a thought to arise, without the attachment of feeling arising along with it. Thoughts only invoke feeling, when you attach a degree of belief to it.

The process of coming to live the law of attraction involves  delving deeply, inquiring into the  thoughts and beliefs you hold to see the inherent emptiness in all of them. Thoughts become beliefs through your continued thinking of them, and resonance with them. No idea or judgment is inherently true, but rather, you assign truth through your agreement or lack thereof.

When this is clearly seen and grasped wholly, thoughts and ideas no longer have the hold over you they once did, and thus, they no longer have the propensity to lead you around by your nose, willy-nilly, causing  unconscious  knee-jerk emotional reactions to manifest.

 Rather, when this is clearly seen, there will be an abiding conscious awareness of resonance with a particular thought, where it exists,  and an ability to query into that thought/idea, if necessary, to ascertain if it is ‘really’ true, in the largest sense.

 There is a point where the nature of all ideas will be seen to be empty, and thus, all previously held to beliefs about how things should be, are rendered to mere ideas that resonate or do not.At this point, we are free to entertain an idea, or to allow it to be released. There is great power in this ability, as it quite truly allows you the freedom to choose the direction of your thoughts, and therefore, your feelings and emotions in any given moment.

 Feelings themselves are not the creative catalysts, but rather, they are best regarded as indicators of whether we are moving towards or away from our manifest desires. Truly Living the law of attraction means the end of basing how you feel upon what is appearing in your ‘outside’ world. When you reach a place where your joy no longer depends upon the circumstances facing you, you have become a law of attraction master, capable of aligning with desires almost immediately upon their arising.

Are you seeking a specific kind of career, relationship, money, love? All are cleanly within your grasp when your joy is no longer dependent upon the manifestation of that which you desire. It may sounds funny, but in a sense, in order to manifest your desire, you have to find a way to ease up on your sense of need regarding it.

Assessing whether or not you are actually living the law of attraction:

If you still react to the idea of outside circumstances not  conforming to meet your desires, you still have work to do. And really, it’s not work of the heavy lifting kind, but rather, work involving your powers and attention of focus. 


What is required to truly live the law of attraction, is the realization that your happiness, your joy, does not depend upon anything outside of yourself, but rather, that it exists within you, by the very virtue of your being.

Don’t wait for the outside world to change before you allow your inner joy to arise and flow. Stop being a slave to outside conditions, appearances and circumstances, regardless of how ‘real’ they may appear to be.

Decide how you feel regardless of what is happening around you. This may sound easier said than done, and no doubt about it, at first,  certain circumstances will make this seem near impossible. But true masters in living the law of attraction, understand that, and live it.

In every given moment of experience, if you remain conscious to what is happening within, you can have control over the direction of your thought.

The Importance Of Law Of Attraction Stories And Law Of Attraction Testimonials

Law of Attraction Testimonials

Law of attraction stories and law of attraction testimonials, aid you in the living the law of attraction because they introduce you and inevitably help to convince you that it is possible to manifest your desires through attending to the way you feel.

Thus, on this website, I share my own law of attractions stories and testimonials, including how law of attraction has played into my successful after death communications with my deceased brother.

It’s important to note, the law of attraction knows no bounds. It is always in effect, and is behind everything you see and experience, including the manifestation or lack thereof, of  every desire you could ever come to hold.

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