Manifest Desires Through Present Moment Awareness

Once we've accepted the fact that in order to manifest desires, we must align our physical vibration with that of our spirit, many of us find ourselves struggling with a means to achieve this. The law of attraction or the law of affinity connects us with a reality that is compatible with our personal vibration. If we have control over the thoughts that we think then we have control over our manifest desires.

Creating a personal vibration that is compatible with our spirit and is therefore also compatible with our manifest desires, undoubtedly does involve a certain amount of discipline.

Like achieving any other state of being or personal skill, increasing our vibration to the level where it becomes a match to all our desires, involves practice. Our desires manifest when our personal energy or vibration aligns with the energy of our spirit. How do we know when our vibration has reached the place where we can easily manifest desires? We can look to and rely upon our emotions to guide us. In short, when we feel good emotionally, we can rest assured that we are experiencing a vibration that is compatible with our spirit and all our manifest desires.

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What kind of discipline is necessary to make a permanent shift in my vibration? When we reach a point where we simply refuse to allow ourselves to entertain any thought that distances us from the energy of our spirit, we will see a profound shift in our reality. Our manifest desires will begin to show up faster and faster. We will reach a place where we’ll merely entertain a thought about something that we’d prefer, and seamlessly, the manifest desires will show up in our experience.

Practicing present moment awareness is an effective means of expanding consciousness to the level necessary to implement this type of discipline. Present moment awareness involves an intent focus upon the moment at hand. In order to ‘catch’ ourselves thinking thoughts that are contrary to the knowingness of our spirit or higher self, we must be ‘in’ the moment.

A result of expanding consciousness is an ability to instantly decipher when our thoughts have become discordant with our intended manifest desires. It is possible to reach a state of being where the moment that my thoughts drop from the higher vibration that is compatible with my higher self, I become aware of it and I consciously change the direction of my thought and therefore increase my vibration.

Let’s say for example that I was experiencing ill health and I wanted to manifest a better feeling body. I would practice present moment awareness, paying attention to my emotions and the way I was feeling. The moment I caught myself thinking a thought that did not resonate with the knowingness of my higher self, (perfect, vibrant health) I’d stop the thought in its tracks.

Perhaps I caught myself having a thought that said, “I’m afraid I’ll never get better as these symptoms just seem to be getting worse and worse.” In that moment, it’s important to acknowledge the negative thought and then to re-frame it into one that is not only more positive, but also one that is actually ‘believable,’ to me personally. This is extremely important as if the thought is not one that I can actually believe to be true, the result will be an empty affirmation. As such, it will have no power to actively affect my reality.

In changing the thought to one more positive then, I must find one that resonates with my beliefs. If I were to cancel the original thought with a statement that said, “I do know that my thoughts have creative power, therefore, if I can change my thoughts to ones that are more positive, I can then change the reality of my physical body and health.”

While such a statement may not be directly addressing the immediate state of my health, it does set me up to entertain more thoughts about my health that are of a more positive nature.

The law of attraction or law of affinity is always at work, even when it comes to our thoughts and beliefs. One thought of a positive nature will have power to attract another and then the positive thoughts build upon one another exponentially.

Get into the habit of disciplining your thoughts and mind and you’ll soon find it easier and easier to entertain only thoughts of the highest vibration. As a result, your manifest desires will begin to appear reliably within your reality, without the slightest bit of effort.

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Law of Attraction or Law of Affinity; The law of attraction is the magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. A thought of a certain vibration not only attracts similar thoughts to it but also attracts occurrences of a similar vibration. The vibration of our spirit is high and clear and aligns us with our hearts desires. When our physical vibration matches the vibration of our spirit, we manifest desires easily, but even more than this, we feel the emotions of joy, bliss and peace in our present moment.

Present moment awareness; The inward focus upon the moment and experience at hand. An easy means of achieving this is to simply focus upon each breath while performing any task. When engaging in present moment awareness, all thoughts are on the emotions, physical sensations and thoughts held within this ‘now’ moment. No thoughts or imaginings outside of the present moment are entertained. If such thoughts come into your awareness while you practice your discipline of present moment awareness, gently dismiss them and once again place your focused consciousness back into the moment and experience at hand.

Expanding consciousness; The process of increasing our awareness about our physical experience. Expanding consciousness involves awareness about the totality of the experience we are having as physical beings. When we are experiencing expanding consciousness, we view our reality through a more expanded/different perspective. Anytime we shift our focus and adopt another view of our experience, we’ve essentially expanded consciousness to a new level.

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