Manifest Desires Easily

The Law of attraction supports manifestation of desires when they are absent of need

We will manifest desires easily when we change our perceptions about them. When we change our desires or perceived needs to mere ‘preferences’ about the direction we’d like our life to take, we come into a place of real power with regards to the law of attraction.  The movement from need to preference is a  shift in perception that not only allows us to easily manifest our desires, but it frees us from suffering due to desires that have not yet manifested.

If we can elevate every desire we hold to the level of preference, we'll never have reason to suffer or to feel the emptiness of lack. Such a shift in perception has great ability to increase our overall level and experience of joy.

Manifest desires easily by realizing you can be happy with or without them

No doubt this is easier said than done, but when you truly realize  that no matter what it is you desire, your life WILL continue on whether you manifest it or not and that you really can  be happy regardless, then that desire will evolve from a 'want' or a 'need,' and lighten to a mere preference.

Preferences by their very nature don't change our level of core happiness either way  when they manifest or when they don't. A preference that manifests will no doubt add greater enjoyment  to our present moment experience, but it won't really make us truly, fundamentally  happy. The same thing can be said of a need, but often our perception is quite different. When we believe that we ‘need’ something, we see the manifestation of that need as our ticket to happiness or joy, never realizing that any happiness or joy that we experience from that need based manifestation, will be short lived.

A preference that fails to  manifest has no ability to cause us pain, as it was just that, a 'preference'. If it manifests, there is fleeting enjoyment because of it, if it doesn't, no big deal.

Law of attraction dictates that A desire that has become a preference will be much, much easier to manifest than a desire that feels like 'a need.' When we manifest desires that were mere preferences to begin with, we still experience pleasure from them but by removing our attachment to a particular outcome regarding them, we free ourselves to experience the joy of simply ‘being.’ The joy of simply being has nothing at all to do with conditions. Regardless of circumstances, the joy of being is always available.

We reach the place where we’re able to upgrade our desires to preferences when we make the realization that our happiness and joy does not depend upon anything that occurs outside of ourselves. It's a truly powerful place to be. Through law of attraction, we manifest our desires amazingly fast and with unbelievable ease when we live from this place.

The funny thing is though that when you upgrade all of your desires to mere preferences, the manifestations become less and less important - it's more like the process of creation/manifestation itself becomes a source of joy as it allows us to feel our connection to Source/God.  The less attached to outcomes and conditions  that we become, the easier life gets.

It’s kind of a paradox that when we reach the point in life where we manifest desires easily, we generally aren't overly invested in the absence or presence of conditions. Law of attraction repels those things, circumstances, manifestation that we fret and worry and obsess over, and easily brings to us those circumstances that we envision with a "Gee, that would be nice" attitude that is free from need. 

It would be apt to say, "When we give it all up, we get it." Better said, we manifest desires easily when our happiness does not depend upon the circumstance we are wanting.

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