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Many years ago, in my attempts to manifest desires, I learned this manifesting secret. When it comes to manifesting desires, intention itself holds incredible power. Our intent sets the manifestation of desires into motion by utilizing the law of attraction. Powerful intent combined with belief can move mountains...literally.

Many believe that without effort or action, we will not succeed in manifesting desires. This is only true if you BELIEVE it to be so. It’s important to remember that we see what we believe. Sure, the reverse is also true, but the initial cycle begins with our belief. The entire reality we see before us is the result of the culmination of our intent combined with all of our beliefs and the resulting personal vibration that these beliefs cause us to emanate. If we believe in miracles and that anything is possible, we will create, and thus, experience a reality that reflects this. If we believe that nothing will get accomplished without an investment of our own physical effort, this is what we will experience.

manifest desires with a relaxed attitude

I put this theory of mine, (which is now an adopted belief) to the test long ago. I've come to see just how reliable the law of attraction and the power of intention really is. I keep a to-do list tucked away in a kitchen drawer, where I record anything and everything that comes to mind that requires ‘doing.’ Everything from ‘cleaning out the pantry’ to ‘finishing my manuscript’ goes onto this list. In the past, I’d get quite tense as the list grew and the extra time required to tackle these chores, seemed to decrease.

I came to see that if I developed a relaxed attitude regarding the tasks on my list, and held a belief that somehow they would get done AND (this is an important part!) LET GO of needing to know exactly HOW each task would become completed, something amazing would happen.

Certain tasks on my list would essentially ‘take care of themselves.’ One by one I'd find myself crossing manifest desires off my list, without any concerted effort or physical output of my own. Magically, I'd manifest desires, often in very unique ways.

For example, last month, I was able to cross off ‘modify my manuscript’ from my list. This was a rather daunting task that was facing me, that I really wasn't looking forward to doing. I was absolutely thrilled to receive notice from the publisher that all was exactly as it should be, that they would take care of the necessary changes on their end. I had been under the impression that I had to make certain changes to the format of my manuscript to submit it to the publisher’s editing department. Imagine my delight as I realized, I could cross this task off my list without having to lift a finger!

Another example; “clean the windows, ,mirrors and chandeliers in the house” was an item that’s been sitting on my list for almost two months now. I was quite sure I’d be manifesting this desire through my own personal, physical effort. However, I still had an easy-going attitude regarding it. “I’ll get to it when I get to it…it will get done eventually," was something I told myself whenever I saw it on my list.

Last night, my mom decided to spend the night with us. My Dad had plans to visit with one of his fishing buddies and she decided that spending some time with her grand-kids held much more appeal than listening to old fishing stories. Imagine my surprise when I came upstairs after working on my website to see my mom with Windex in hand, cheerfully swiping away at my dirty windows. “I’m going to do your chandeliers next and then your mirrors” she informed me. “I Just love cleaning other people’s houses,” she told me as she happily moved from window to window with a skip in her step. She was even more thrilled as I told her this was a task that had been on my ‘to-do’ list for some time.

My mom will be 80 yrs. Old in four months, and she’s an absolute physical dynamo when it comes to getting things done. She's a wonderful example of the role strong intention plays in our ability to manifest desires. She prides herself on this, and I can see that these types of accomplishments, of being of assistance to others, helps her to feel vital. She looks many years younger than her age and I must say, her energy level often puts my own to shame! As I watched her joyously buzzing around my house, making everything made of glass, glitter and shine, I marveled at the magical melding of intentions and this example of the inherent power of intention. Proof that there are many avenues other than the obvious to successfully manifest desires.

My mom’s intent to be helpful and feel vital combined with her belief regarding this, dovetailed with my own intent/desire to have my windows, mirrors and light fixtures cleaned, without me having to lift a finger. The result was both my mom and I, having our needs met in the most beautiful ways...a wonderful example of co-creation due to powerfully held personal intentions to manifest desires, and a wonderful testament to the power of the law of attraction.

This may seem trivial in the large scheme of things, but the truth is that this example of manifesting desires through utilizing the law of attraction, has given me a higher level of trust/belief to apply this expectation to some of the larger items on my list. With this belief firmly in place, I'll now tackle the items on my list that are either immediate, or that I truly enjoy doing. The remaining items…..well…I think I'll just let the ‘fairies of the universe’ intervene!

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