Manifest Desires - Shift Your Vibration

Our Manifest Desires appear within our reality when our vibration is a match to the energy of our spirit. The energy of our spirit or higher self is full of acceptance, love, joy and peace. When we experience feelings and emotions that are compatible with our expanded consciousness or larger self, we can rest assured that we have shifted our vibration to a place where we will soon recognize our manifest desires within our unfolding reality. The law of attraction, which is always operating behind the scenes is responsible for this.

manifest desires - shift vibration; five signs your vibration has shifted

The first and most obvious sign that you have shifted your vibration to a place where it is compatible with your manifest desires is:

1. You find yourself experiencing emotions and feelings of peace, joy, excitement and happiness, in spite of all that your present reality may be reflecting back to you. When we enter into a state of being where we are essentially ‘happy for no reason,’ and we are at peace and filled with joy simply because we are alive and fully conscious beings, we’ve entered into the arena of unlimited possibility in terms of our ability to manifest desires. A profound state of emotional well-being and expanded consciousness is a sure sign that you’ve shifted your vibration.

2. Another sure sign that you’ve shifted your vibration, is the development of an abundance of physical vitality and energy. When you shift your vibration, not only will you experience an upsurge of positive emotion and ‘good’ feelings, your physical body will also receive the benefits. If you find yourself currently in a state of ill-health, a shift in vibration may simply mean that you feel a small physical improvement. However, every little shift counts. Shifts in vibration usually occur incrementally, therefore, it’s important to accept even the tiniest bit of improvement as proof that you are in fact making progress.Once a series of shifts have been made, Law of Attraction will ensure that greater shifts are made.

Expectations of instant healing can often serve to set us back in terms of our level of energy or vibration. Accept any improvement in physical vitality and physical well-being as evidence that a vibrational shift has indeed occurred. Each minute shift upwards towards higher energy is leading us closer and closer to a state of perfect health.

3. A shift in vibration will result in feeling more loving and accepting towards others. When you shift your vibration to one that is closer to being harmonious with the energy of your spirit, you will naturally feel more caring and compassionate towards others. From the position of a high vibration, assisting and caring for others becomes a natural occurrence due to the law of attraction. Many try to go about this from the wrong angle, declaring that to be ‘good’ people, we ‘must’ help others and we must put others before ourselves. However, from a position of a low vibration, such action will feel like sacrifice. Action offered from the low vibration inherent when operating from a perspective of sacrifice, will be virtually ineffectual compared to action offered from a high energy that is aligned with spirit. When we feel naturally attracted to sending loving thoughts to others and to helping others because it feels good to do so, we know we have made a shift in our vibration. Often when we’ve reached a certain level of vibration and begin emitting a higher energy consistently, we cannot stop ourselves from extending caring and kindness to others.

4. When you shift your vibration, you will begin to notice small or large synchronicity occurring in the unfolding of your reality. A synchronicity is defined as a meaningful coincidence.Perhaps we’ll notice ourselves thinking a thought and then turning on the TV, only to see something that directly relates to what were thinking or we’ll experience other uncanny coincidences that defy explanation. Synchronicity can take on many forms, but all of them are signs or messages to alert us to the fact that we are the creators of our unfolding reality. I’ve personally noticed that the incidence of synchronicity increased significantly whenever I shift my vibration.

5. And...Last but not least and probably the most compelling sign is this: When you shift your vibration you will begin to receive your manifest desires! Sometimes, when a desire first begins to manifest, we’ll get a false start of sorts or a partial manifestation. It’s important to recognize these for what they are and not allow a ‘partial’ manifestation to discourage you. An example of a partial manifestation would be waiting to receive your dream job only to be offered something that is somewhat similar, but still just not quite what you’re looking for. It’s important to embrace the ‘near hit’ as proof that your manifest desire is getting very close. I’ve personally made the mistake in the past of viewing these ‘near hits’ in a negative light, almost as if in coming close but missing my mark I was ‘using up’ my chances to receive my manifest desire. I’ve come to see though that every time we get close but fail to realize our manifest desire, we are simply being shown that a small tweak needs to be made in our vibration and that if we can bridge the gap between our vibration and our desire, we will very quickly realize its full manifestation.

An example of this is that many people when attempting to manifest money and financial abundance begin to notice that they frequently find coins and small amounts of change lying on the ground. While such finds may seem inconsequential or insignificant compared to the actual manifest desire they are holding as their object of attention, it is important to perceive and embrace such occurrences as the positive signs that they are. Each time you acknowledge that you’ve received a sign of your impending manifest desire you are effectively shifting your vibration.

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