Manifest Desires Through A Spiritual Awakening To New Perspectives

Is it possible to manifest desires faster and easier through shifting our perspectives about the nature of the physical experience? How does a view of life as being a hologram, dream or illusion help us to manifest desires easier and in general, help us to attain freedom from suffering?

When it comes to our personal experience of physical life, it seems that our perspective regarding it, is of great importance. Our beliefs about the nature of reality color the very experience we will have.

Throughout the ages, teachings regarding the subject of spiritual awakening have made reference to life as being the equivalent of a dream, illusion and more recently, a hologram. Within many of these teachings and their inherent perspectives regarding the ‘true’ nature of reality, is the suggestion that we as humans can absolutely manifest desires and that we can accomplish this much easier through adopting and acting in accordance with a particular view of physical life.

Many report that a  perspective of life that says life is the equivalent of a dream or illusion, helps to manifest desires with ease, mainly because when such a perspective is held, the importance of manifesting desires is lessened.

One of the important elements of the law of attraction is that like energy attracts like manifestations. If I’m in full acceptance of my here and now moment, while playfully preferring a particular outcome as the present moment unfolds into the next, I’m in the perfect place to manifest my desires. If however, I’m disgruntled with my present moment reality and all that it holds, taking it all very seriously,  and I rail against ‘what is’ while hoping and praying for a different future manifestation, I am essentially pushing my manifest desires away from me, not to mention, creating unnecessary suffering for myself.

I recently interviewed a friend of mine who has had great financial success which she largely attributes to her understanding about Law of Attraction. This is what she had to say about how her view of reality helps to support her successful manifestations;

"When I arrive at a preference while holding a strong knowing that the reality that I find myself presently experiencing is merely a very convincing creation of my spirit or higher self, (which is the version of this philosophy that I currently resonate with), I am naturally ‘non-attached’ to the manifestation of those desires. In a made-up, illusive reality, desires do not hold any sense of desperation or urgency. My version of spiritual awakening includes a deep understanding and implementation of such a knowing."

Such a belief helps us to accept the perfection of the reality before us as that which "simply is."  This foundational sense of  acceptance aligns our vibration with the desires or preferences that arise and then the law of attraction takes care of the rest.

Folks often ask,  “how can you have desire at all if you are truly ‘accepting what is.’ Accepting ‘what is’ in my opinion, does not necessarily equal ‘desiring’ what is. For example; I can accept that within my dream, I currently have a sick body, but that does not mean that I cannot hold a preference that in a future moment of the dream, I will be healthy. Acceptance simply means that we no longer continue to rail against ‘what is.’ Accepting ‘what is’ means accepting that the greater part of yourself has created the reality before you, just as your sleeping self creates the dreams that you dream at night and that there is a certain perfection to that creation. What is simply is.

Manifest Desires - Dream Analogy

Using the nighttime dream analogy, how could I ever become attached to a desire I hold within my dream if I awaken within the dream and become lucid? I liken awakening within a lucid dream to becoming spiritually enlightened or experiencing a spiritual awakening in waking life. The knowledge that I am merely dreaming, completely neutralizes any urgency I may have to realize my manifest desires within the dream. In my experience, a knowing about physical life, that says, ‘this is not real’ definitely creates a shift of perspective that allows us to create with artistic freedom and wild abandon.

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