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Signs and Synchronicity that Prove You're Getting Close

Something I’ve noticed whenever I’m attempting to manifest desires of any nature, is that along the way I often receive signs and synchronicity that alert me to the fact that I’m getting closer. These signs often appear as the neat little synchronicity that pops up or the near-manifestation of your desire that doesn’t quite make the mark. These signs are indicators that the law of attraction is always at work and that you are getting very close to your manifest desires.

Shortly after I finished writing my book, Poppies From Heaven, and Other Signs From the Hereafter, I began working on one of my greatest desires, to have it published. The book itself was filled with tales of profound coincidence and the magic of synchronicity, therefore, I likely shouldn’t have been too surprised when my attempts to manifest desires for its publication led me down the path of one synchronicity after another.

manifest desires and synchronicity

One of the most profound meaningful coincidences or examples of synchronicity that occurred involved an agent I had linked up with. As I packaged up my manuscript for her appraisal, I scrawled her address on a piece of paper and handed it to my husband as he prepared to leave for work that morning. He runs a painting business and generally will find himself driving through many areas as he conducts business of picking up paint and checking on his various job sites. I asked him to take the package and asked that he look up the address and deliver it for me if he found himself within radius of the agent’s location.

A few hours later I received a breathless call from my husband. “You’re not going to believe this,” he told me, “But the agent’s house is right beside the one we’re painting!”

Neither of us could believe the scale of this synchronicity. In a city of over a million people, what were the chances that the agent’s address would exist directly next door to the job he just happened to be working on that day? It was undoubtedly a synchronicity that we marveled at for some time afterward.

Now of course, this synchronicity led me to believe that I had definitely teamed up with the perfect agent who would see my book published in no time flat. It turns out that this was not the case. However, I do see this agent’s involvement to have been of great value in helping me to propel forward regarding my eventual manifest desires. This occurrence served as a powerful reminder to me that the law of attraction is always at work and that our personal alignment with any endeavor can cause magic.

Following this experience, I had many other signs that told me I was lining up with my manifest desires. Several times, I came very close to a publishing deal, but something always seemed to occur at the last minute. One time, I had a publisher who specialized mostly in e-books express interest. While I waited for her to read my manuscript, I began to realize that an e-book was not necessarily in line with the manifest desire I held in my mind’s eye. From the moment I had begun writing the book, I had held a clear vision of holding the finished book in my hand, complete with my painting of Murray flying over a field of poppies on the cover. It was a little over a month’s time when I received notification that the publisher had declined my manuscript.

Buoyed by coming so close and very sure that complete success was right around the corner, I continued to submit my manuscript to publishing houses. One in particular resonated with me particularly well. My belief that my manifest desires were imminent, was strong. When I received word back from the publisher saying that she’d like to read the full manuscript, I felt very confident. Imagine my surprise then when several weeks later, I received a letter from the publisher declining to publish my book. I initially felt crestfallen. “But I was so sure.” I continued to repeat to anyone who would listen. I could not understand how or why my manifest desires had eluded me. I took solace in the fact that the publisher had written some very reassuring words within her letter. “Your book really is very good,” she told me, “and I know some other publisher will agree to publish it.”

I immediately made a decision to pivot from my disappointment and instead turn my focus towards the positive words the publisher had expressed. I told myself that an even better fit likely existed and I had simply yet to uncover it.

Three days later, I received the wonderful synchronicity of a list of books from an amazon advertisement by e-mail. As I often purchase books on Amazon, I sometimes receive a list of suggested reading material from them. Amongst this list was a book about life after death. I immediately felt the tell-tale tingles of spiritual intervention run up my spine as I thought to myself, “Hmmm…..I wonder who the publisher for this book is.” It was O Books, a UK publishing house that I had not yet come across. I immediately decided that I’d submit to them, and in that instant knew without a doubt that they would choose to publish my book. The voice of my deceased brother Murray also echoed through my mind, verifying this for me.

Within a matter of a week, I received positive verification that my manifest desires were indeed an actuality. O Books later agreed to use my painting depicting my brother flying over a field of poppies as the cover and they will be publishing my book, Poppies From Heaven...and Other signs From the Hereafter in January, 2011. My experience so far in working with them has been extremely pleasant and I can clearly see just how suited this publisher is for the type of book I’ve written and my own individual needs and aspirations as an author.

law of attraction and belief

This manifestation has given me much to reflect upon. I can clearly see how my level of belief that I would receive a publishing deal and my level of desire for one, grew along with my journey towards my manifest desires.

The instances where I came close to receiving a publishing deal, but at the last minute, did not, indicated that my vibration and belief level were close to my manifest desires, but still not completely a match.

It can be difficult when we come so close to receiving our manifest desires only to have our hopes dashed. In the past, I’ve overlooked the fact that these ‘near hits’ were actually ‘signs’ that my vibration and level of belief was getting very close to the level necessary for my full desire to manifest. In the past I’ve had a tendency to think that the near hits were using up my chances for manifestation of my desires, an indication no doubt of a very limited view of the abundance of the universe.

Rather than be discouraged when we appear to get very close to manifest desires but still don’t achieve full success, we should embrace the ‘near hit’ and celebrate the fact that we’ve just received solid proof that our manifest desires are quite literally right around the next corner. 

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