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What's the Timeline Between Activation of A Desire and Full Blown Manifestation?

Our manifest desires will appear within our reality as soon as we no longer hold resistance to them. Resistance towards our desires includes all forms of doubt, worry, fear, or anything that causes us to have a negative feeling emotion regarding the manifestation of our desire.

When our desires manifest within our experience we can rest assured that it is because our personal energy or vibration has become a match to our desire. Using the law of attraction to our advantage means becoming an energetic match, through the thoughts that we are thinking and the emotions we are feeling, to that which we desire.

As long as we are noticing that the manifestation of our desire has not yet occurred and are feeling any kind of lack b

law of attraction - abraham hicks quote:

The following quote from Abraham-Hicks sums it up nicely;

“When people ask us how long does it take for something to manifest, we say, It takes as long as it takes you to release the resistance. Could be 30 years, could be 40 years, could be 50 years, could be a week. Could be tomorrow afternoon.”

manifest desires by releasing resistance

How Can we Tell if we hold resistance to our desire?

In assessing our level of resistance regarding our desires, our expanding consciousness plays an important role. When we can harness our awareness to engage in present moment awareness, we can easily assess our vibration with regards to our desire. To put it simply, resistance will feel bad in the NOW moment. Doubt is resistance and will often show itself through a constant need to evaluate where you stand in relation to your manifest desires. Every time you think about the fact that you do not yet have your desire and every time you wonder when it will manifest, you are essentially demonstrating that you hold resistance to receiving it.

Using the law of attraction to our full advantage means bringing our thoughts into alignment with our desire.

I find that resistance to our manifest desires can be greatly lessened through strengthening our beliefs in the law of attraction itself. When we realize that we are always using the law of attraction and that our entire reality becomes manifest by way of our thoughts, we will likely become more motivated than ever to guide those thoughts to better feeling places.

I came across another relevant quote from Jeshua as Channeled by Judith Coates of

“Beloved ones, the secret of receiving is to know that truly you already have it. There is nothing outside of you. It is all within you and all within your power to bring it forth. The secret of receiving is to pray believing that you have already received. Know that you have received, and then it will appear instantly right in front of you, right in the midst of where you are.”

Both of these quotes are essentially telling us the same thing, that in order to manifest desires, we must “know” that we have received them. “Knowing that we have received” our manifest desires is the equivalent of having a vibration that is compatible to our desire.

Using the law of attraction to our advantage means consciously aligning our thoughts with our desire. It means living in the ‘knowing’ that our reality is merely a reflection of our mind. It means asking and then living in the full expectation that our manifest desires are a done deal.

For many of us this is easier said than done, but through expanding consciousness to the level where we can practice present moment awareness, we can not only become aware of our thoughts and feelings, but we can guide them towards full acceptance of our inherent creative power and ultimately, our fully manifested desires.

Could we really manifest our desires instantly? I believe we could IF we could overcome all thoughts of resistance regarding those desires. However, we’d also have to overcome our resistance to the idea of instant manifestation.

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