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Are you looking for an easier way to manifest your desire? In this article, I share some of my favorite manifesting secrets.

While the law of attraction is always present and always bringing us people, things and occurrences that are a match to our personal vibration, there are specific manifesting secrets and manifesting techniques that can help us to harness this powerful law and thus align us with our manifest desires.

One of the most important manifesting secrets that will harness the law of attraction and help you to manifest your desire quickly, involves an assessment of your desire. When you consider your desire, how does it make you feel? If the thought of your desire causes anything other than excitement within you, then it requires some tweaking.

When attempting to manifest anything, it’s important that you hold a level of belief that supports its manifestation. Doing so means using the law of attraction to your advantage. In my estimation, this is the most important of all the manifesting secrets. If a desire feels too far ‘out of reach’ its manifestation will likely evade you. When your level of belief and expectation about your manifest desire are high, you’ll manifest your desire easily and effortlessly.

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How to tell if you’re lacking belief? The thought of your desire will cause a feeling of anxiety, sadness or yearning within you. None of these emotions are compatible with the vibration necessary for you to manifest what you are wanting. 

Manifest Your Desire By Bridging The Gap Between Desire and Belief

There are many ways to do this. As all of our beliefs are merely thoughts that we have habitually thought over and over, it’s important to decipher the thoughts behind the belief. (Interestingly enough, it is the law of attraction that is responsible for the habitual nature of thought.)

For example: If I’m having difficulty believing that I’m capable of manifesting prosperity, I must go within to determine my beliefs about prosperity. Upon inquiring within, I may uncover a belief that says; I must work very hard to earn money. In order to change this belief into one that says; money comes to me easily and effortlessly, I must decipher the habitual thoughts that have created this belief and shift them into a more positive direction regarding my ability to create prosperity easily and effortlessly.

Often, these types of beliefs are responses to your observations. Thus, when attempting to manifest, It can be important to deliberately gather concrete evidence that supports the belief you are attempting to acquire.

In this case, we might gather evidence about others who have created wealth, easily and effortlessly. Basically, the law of attraction dictates that anything that helps to shift our belief about the subject of wealth into a more positive and expectant direction will do.

Last year, while attempting to manifest a publishing deal for my book, Poppies From Heaven, I discovered one of the best manifesting secrets out there. It provides an easy and near effortless short-cut to manifest your desire. It’s an extremely efficient way to use the law of attraction to circumvent limiting beliefs. It actually utilizes your tendencies for habitual thought to help you manifest your desire in record time.

But, Virtually anything that helps us to shift and expand our belief about the attainment of desire will work.

Another of my favorite manifesting secrets that will help you in using the law of attraction to manifest your desire quickly, involves focused visualization. I’ve experimented with this technique for many years and have come to this important conclusion; When visualizing our manifest desire, it is extremely important that we reach the ‘feeling place’ of experience. What this means is that when we intently visualize the manifestation of our desire, we do not visualize it in the future tense, but rather bring ourselves to the place of experiencing our desire being manifest, right here, right now, in the present moment. You’ll know you’ve reached the level of here and now visualization necessary for you to manifest your desire when you feel the joy, excitement and content of ACTUALLY having your desire.

I’ve created a powerful and highly effective wish pendant that makes this process easy. This pendant is also an effect means of helping you in shifting your vibration to one that is compatible with all of your desires. Any physical object that we wear on our person or that we keep close to us can be of great help when we hold a desire that is important for us to manifest, as it serves as a symbol of our desire as well as a reminder to direct our thoughts towards positive expectation.

Although this can be one of the most difficult of manifesting secrets to implement, it is a very powerful manifesting technique. If you are too attached to your desire, it will likely evade you. Think about it. If you are desiring something so badly that in its absence you’re experiencing emotional angst, then clearly you’re emitting a vibration that is not compatible with your manifest desire.

If you can find a way to be ‘happy anyway’ despite the fact that your desire has not yet manifested, you’ll bring that desire much closer in terms of actual manifestation into a reality. It is indeed a bit of a catch 22. The law of attraction dictates that you can have whatever you want so long as you’re not overly attached to the idea of having it. We know when we’re ‘attached’ when we experience negative emotion in the absence of our manifest desire. When you’re content whether you manifest your desires or not, you’re much more likely to get it quickly.

Whether you use my wish pendant, manifesting secret, or simply rely on your own abilities to use these techniques that I’ve shared in this article, your ability to manifest your desires is well within your reach. It’s simply about using the law of attraction to find the technique that resonates the strongest for you personally and then implementing it. Try to remember, you hold the ability to create the manifestation of every desire that could ever arise within you.

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