Manifest Your Desire - Overcoming Difficulty With Manifesting Desires

Having difficulty trying to manifest your desires? When manifesting desires, one of the most important things that is taught by all the best law of attraction teachings is this;

Manifest Your DEsire with Ease; Get out of the way!! Law of Attraction has it all covered.

Once we have put the desire we hope to manifest out to the universe, (this happens the moment we recognize a need or want for something) the Law of Attraction begins to take care of it's manifestation.

The best law of attraction teachings all stress this point;  Every time you attempt to manifest your desire and begin to feel impatient regarding the lack of speed or anytime you take stock of the situation and acknowledge the absence of your manifest desire, and thus FEEL it's lack, you are stalling the positive energetic flow put into motion by the law of attraction. In doing so, you are delaying the arrival of the desire you are attempting to manifest.

The vibration of lack is a much different vibration than one of eager anticipation. When you begin to feel excited as you think about your manifest desire because you have faith in the fact that it IS on it's way, you emit a vibration that is compatible with the receiving of your desire.

When you are focused upon NOT yet having your desire, the vibrational frequency you are emitting is one that is NOT compatible with the manifestation of it.

This can be a difficult concept to wrap our minds around. If we want something too badly it seems, we will have difficulty manifesting it. The truth is that very strong desire does have attractive qualities of its own. However, when we're too entrenched in the 'wanting' of anything, we are far too focused upon a negative energy of lack, and therefore will not be a match to our desire, however strong that desire may be. Until we let up a little in our intense feeling of 'need' regarding our desire, it will remain un-manifested.

The very best position to be in when attempting to manifest your desire is one where you acknowledge your desire, but you focus upon the enjoyment of knowing that the manifestation is in the works. This can actually be an incredibly enjoyable stage of the manifestation process. An important and effective manifesting secret that is at the helm of the best law of attraction teachings, is to sit in the knowing that the law of attraction is in full operation and is bringing your desired manifestation closer to you within each moment that passes. To sit in this expectation and anticipation, is a wonderful and exciting place to be.

When you include excitement and anticipation as part of the process when you intend to manifest your desire, the entire process of creation, becomes one of enjoyment. When we are enjoying ourselves, we are emanating a personal vibration that is compatible with the receiving of our desires.

In short, we are halting and prolonging the process of manifestation when we focus upon the lack of our manifest desires. Whenever you are feeling negative emotion, you are stopping the flow of energy and thus, you will not manifest your desire.

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