Manifestation of Desires - Meditation For Manifestation

The following meditation for manifestation of desires is the perfect solution if you are wondering how to manifest quickly. This meditation for manifestation of desires helps to harness and activate all parts of your mind to utilize the law of affinity (also known as the law of attraction) to your advantage.

Quick Manifestation of Desires

The law of affinity also known as the law of attraction,  dictates that we will manifest into our reality that which our thoughts and resultant personal vibration are a match to.

If we have habits of negative thought, we will find ourselves manifesting negative occurrences into the reality that presents before us. When we get into the habit of thinking thoughts that bring us to a place of emotional well-being, we will begin to experience positive occurrences and the manifestation of desires.

If you've ever wondered how to manifest quickly, this meditation is a must. This meditation for the manifestation of desire, will raise your vibration and align your thoughts and present focus with the desires you are intent upon manifesting.

The process;

From a place of deep relaxation (see preliminary steps to focused meditation on meditation home page) allow your mind to focus upon the desire you would like to manifest within your reality. Allow yourself to visualize the manifestation of this desire in its entirety. Imagine how you will FEEL when this desire manifests. Let your emotions flow. Visualize your manifestation of desires as though you were experiencing them right now.

For example; If you are attempting to manifest a new love interest, do not merely observe yourself succeeding at this at some point in the future. Instead, visualize yourself as though this was happening to you RIGHT NOW, in the present moment. Imagine how it would feel to be participating in the relationship of your dreams NOW. Add as much detail as possible to achieve the highest sense of realism possible. Perhaps you are attempting to manifest more money into your reality. Use your imagination to visualize yourself having that money NOW. Allow the feeling of success, abundance and prosperity to completely take you over.

Visualizing our desire as though it were happening in the present moment is far more powerful and engages the powerful law of attraction or law of affinity to a much greater degree than visualizing it as a future event.

When we visualize in the NOW moment, we activate the vibration of having received this desired outcome. By doing this, we are utilizing the law of affinity to line us up with the reality where we will experience the manifestation of desires.

When we vibrate as though we’ve already achieved our desire, our desire MUST manifest. This is how the law of attraction or the law of affinity operates. This meditation for manifestation specifically helps us to vibrate compatibly with our desire.

You’ll know you’ve reached the desired level of visualization when you begin to feel your emotions rise. When your imagined manifestation of desires causes you to feel joyful and filled with gratitude, you can rest assured that you’ve stepped right into the vibrational frequency that will cause your desire to manifest.

It’s not necessary to spend much more time than a few minutes in this meditation for manifestation to see results. The key is though, to make sure that you achieve the ‘feeling’ place of your intended desire.

Do not allow any amount of doubt or negativity to enter into this visualization. It takes some of us a little longer to achieve this than others. Once we’ve reached that place where we are imagining and experiencing our manifested desire as though it were occurring in the here and now moment, we know we have succeeded in shifting our vibration. Even five minutes spent in this state will have a profound effect.

Finish this mediation for manifestation with an acknowledgment of the power of the law of affinity and allow yourself to be filled with a sense of gratitude for the manifestations that are making their way to you NOW.

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