powerful manifestation technique

behaving as if our desire has already manifested

The following manifestation technique provides a shortcut to manifest desires. Whether we realize it or not, we’re always using the law of attraction to create our experience of reality, however, when we’re using it consciously, amazing things can happen.

When we’re attempting to manifest desires we’re often in a place of pining or yearning for something that we do not currently have. Such a perspective sets us in a vibration that is incompatible with our desire. If we can begin to behave as if we have already our desire, we begin to shift our vibration into the energetic frequency necessary for us to manifest that desire into our current physical reality. Using the law of attraction to positively affect our reality, means aligning our vibration with our desires. When we behave as though we’ve already achieved the manifestation of our desire, we activate within us a vibration that is compatible with its actual manifestation into our physical reality.

A Powerful Manifestation Technique That Requires Nothing More Than Your Ability To Imagine

The law of attraction reacts to ALL of our thoughts whether they are real or imagined. This could be compared to the way that our salivary glands will react to a thought of a lemon in a similar way that they will react to a real lemon. Try it; picture cutting a lemon into a wedge and placing it into your mouth. Most of us will react by salivating. In a similar way, our thoughts and perceptions about our reality have the power to create ‘actual’ occurrences and outcomes within it.

Let’s say I’m attempting to shift my vibration for the purpose of manifesting more money. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to begin perceiving myself as being wealthy and abundant and acting accordingly. Even the smallest actions in support of this perception can be helpful. Such things as consciously tipping a little more, contributing even a small amount to a charity or anyone seeking financial support, or even splurging a little more on grocery items, if undertaken with a positive attitude, will all have the ability to shift your vibration from one of lack to one of abundance. It's all about getting to a place where you actually 'feel' abundant. When we employ such techniques, we are harnessing universal laws. We are using the law of attraction to our advantage to create our desired outcome.

Behaving as  if  your desire has already manifested is an incredibly powerful manifestation technique. It often creates such a powerful shift in perspective that you will immediately begin seeing results. Focus upon each and every synchronicity that presents itself and acknowledge it as proof that you are moving closer to manifesting your desires. Even a dime found lying on the ground has significance when viewed from the perspective of abundance.

Every time you positively acknowledge the tiniest of manifestations that moves you towards your desired outcome, you further reinforce the vibration and manifested outcome that you are seeking.

Behaving as if,  is a powerful and effective way to quickly manifest desires and it’s a manifestation technique that should be added to the repertoire of every conscious creator.

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