Manifestation Techniques for Rapid Manifestation of Your Desires

Manifestation techniques are tools or practices that aid us in the the manifestation of our desires. I find myself using a variety of manifestation tools for rapid manifestation and in this article, I'll share some of my favorites.

I often use several manifestation tools and techniques simultaneously and I find that certain manifestation techniques are often better suited towards the attainment of certain types of desires.

manifestation techniques explained

Out of all the manifesting techniques I’ve used, this exercise is the one I always begin with when manifesting desires of all types. It is a means of not only manifesting fast, but it’s also a way of assessing the degree of resistance I’m currently holding regarding a particular desire. It serves to point me in the direction of the next manifestation technique that will best serve me.

This technique begins with a clear and concise visualization of exactly what it is I’m attempting to manifest. Let’s say for example that I’m desiring to take an exotic holiday. From that place of knowing precisely what it is I’m attempting to manifest, for one brief moment, I envision myself NOT manifesting that holiday.

If I experience any form of emotional angst at the thought of not being able to take that holiday, I know that I’m holding a certain amount of resistance to my desire, that is; My level of belief in my ability for rapid manifestation of my desired outcome, is lacking. The visualization of not manifesting my desire, resonates stronger than my knowing and belief in manifesting my desire. For one reason or another, I am not aligned with my inner being/higher self who wants me to bask in the realization of ALL my desires and who knows my complete and utter worthiness.

If however, I exercise this manifesting technique and I feel nothing in the way of negative emotion, I know that I have very little ‘work’ to do in terms of aligning myself with my desire.

If I identify any resistance towards manifesting my desire, I use of another of my favorite manifesting techniques:

I envision myself in as much detail as possible, enjoying the holiday of my dreams. I feel the sun shining on my skin. I hear the ocean waves as they crash upon the beach. I feel my feet in the sand. In short, I bring myself to a place of resonance with my desire. When I’ve visualized my desire fully manifested and I feel emotional well-being and even excitement while engaging this visualization, I know I’ve reached my goal. I’ll use this manifesting technique as many times as I need to in order to completely align my vibration with my desire.

Tangible manifestation tools can also be very helpful. Several months ago, I created a manifesting pendant and in using it I’ve experienced a new level of rapid manifestation. This manifesting pendant combines several different manifestation tools into one. Spiritual crystals adorn a prayer box pendant containing a tiny piece of paper with my intended manifestation written upon it.

This has become my favorite of all manifestation techniques. What I love most about this manifesting tool is its ability to focus my positive attention upon my manifest desire, effortlessly and consistently, many, many times throughout the day.

I’ve found that wearing this pendant daily, greatly shortens the time between the inception of a desire and its material manifestation into my present reality. I suspect this is because of its power to intensely focus my positive expectation at regular and consistent intervals.

In terms of all the various types of manifestation techniques available, a piece of jewelry that I wear on my person each day, stands above and beyond the others, I think mostly due to the fact that it provides something physically tangible that I can look at, touch and focus my attention upon.

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