Manifesting Abundance by Robert Scheinfeld

by Amanda
(Long Valley, NJ)

I have a question actually, are you familiar with Robert Scheinfeld? He offers suggestions for expanding consciousness and manifesting abundance that are very outside of "the box" and I am curious on your thoughts?

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Oct 25, 2010
Robert Scheinfeld
by: Faye

Dear Amanda,

I just checked out some o this teachings. Great stuff! His method seems to be more about just feeling the inner joy that is not dependent on anything outside of ourselves and then all the stuff we 'prefer' to have happen, just happens as a naturally occurring consequence.

I think most teachings of the LOA are getting at the same thing...they just often approach it from a slightly different angle. But yes, at the heart of all of it, is the messages that if we are content with our here and now experience, we are then vibrating compatibly with positive future occurrences.

Thanks for bringing this teacher to my attention...I always love reading new material on this subject!!

Love and Light,

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