Manifesting Desire - When Others around us Hold Different Intentions

Manifesting desire can seem more difficult when we’re surrounded by people whose intentions differ from our own. Is it possible to create the manifestation of our desires easily and effortlessly despite the fact that those around us may be holding differing vibrations and intentions?

manifesting desire - ignore the intentions and opinions of others

Our ability for success with regards to manifesting desire is only limited by the intentions and vibration of others to the extent that we allow them to be of influence. If we make the intentions and vibration of those close to us a factor of importance, they will be. If we choose to uphold our own personal vibration and intentions in a place of higher importance, the vibration of another can have no power over us. The law of attraction is always at work and it is always responding to our own personal vibration to manifest a personal reality that matches it. Therefore, when it comes to manifesting desire, if we keep our thoughts and vibrations high and pure, negative people and those who hold intentions contrary to our own will have little influence. This weekend I received a stunning example of the incredible power of intention coupled with the law of attraction. For the past several months, my 7 yr. old daughter has been preoccupied with the idea of getting a guinea pig. We already have a dog and a cat, and I often feel overwhelmed with the work load produced by two children, two pets and a house to take of. When I thought of a guinea pig, I immediately pictured a smelly cage that required regular cleaning and ME doing the cleaning. In my mind, the chances of adding a guinea pig and thus adding to my work load were non-existent.

Each school library day, my daughter would come home with a new book about guinea pigs in her backpack. She’d spend hours looking at the pictures of guinea pigs and reading all about their care. She didn’t complain or get upset when I told her that she couldn’t have one, but instead, actually agreed with me that they were likely a lot of work and that she wasn’t yet mature enough to care for one. She did tell me though that she ‘knew’ one day she would have a guinea pig, but she was willing to wait until she was older. She continued to talk about guinea pigs and astounded me with all she had learned about their care and habits.

Shortly after this, I picked up one of her library books and began looking through it. I could not deny that the guinea pigs were indeed adorable. In the days that followed, I found myself thinking a lot about guinea pigs. I also noticed that a smelly cage that required cleaning was no longer the first thought that came to mind when I thought about them.

No one was as surprised as me when something overcame me this past Saturday and I developed a burning desire to get my kids a couple of guinea pigs. My husband looked at me incredulously I told him I wanted to take them to the pet store to pick out Guinea pigs. As you can imagine, my daughter almost came out of her skin with excitement when she heard the news.

For the past several days now, my kids and their guinea pigs, “Nugget” and “Millie” have become near inseparable. It’s been three days and I'm absolutely marveling over the fact that the cage doesn’t yet smell. We made it a point to find one that’s really easy to clean and interestingly enough, the smell and mess really don’t seem like an issue to me at all now. My kids are thrilled and are demonstrating increased levels of responsibility since getting the guinea pigs, and my husband and I are both enjoying the excitement our new additions have made to our home. (Even the dog and cat seem to like them!)

I see my daughter’s initial attitude towards her desire to manifest a guinea pig as the perfect one. She undoubtedly held a very strong desire, but it was coupled with strong belief and a casual/relaxed attitude towards it’s manifestation. Her vibration obviously aligned perfectly with her desire to create its manifestation. This was a beautiful demonstration of how law of attraction responds to vibration and it’s one I will remember next time I’m intent upon manifesting desire.

I really believe that the high vibration she aligned with regarding this desire impacted my own vibration to change my attitude towards getting her a guinea pig....proof that when we’re in a high state of pure vibration and intent and we couple this with

positive expectation and belief, we can quite literally, move mountains, (AND influence the thinking of those around us!)

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