Manifesting Desire - Visualization and Imagination

Visualization is a powerful took for manifesting desire, as is imagination.  Visualization and imagination  utilize the powerful law of attraction and thus harness the forces of the universe to aid in the manifestation of our desires.

When using visualization and imagination to manifest desire, it’s imperative that we strive to get into the ‘feeling’ place of our desired outcome. This means using our powers of  imagination to get into a place where we feel the way we would expect to feel if we had already manifested our desire. It is therefore important to visualize our desired outcome ‘as if’ we already had it. This ensures that we reach the necessary vibration to harness the law of attraction and bring our desired outcome to us.

Manifesting our desires into present reality means to some extent, denying the present reality that appears before us in favor of acknowledging the desired reality that exists in our imaginative mind. Looked at  this way, the powers of imagination and visualization can be seen to be great indeed. The ability to imagine therefore, is the ability to create.

When we get into the practice of giving as much positive, focused attention to our imagined manifestations as we do to the manifestations that are currently appearing, we’ll see our desires manifesting in our now reality with an ease and speed previously unknown.

manifesting desire - how do we feel?

How do we know that we are using our visualization skills to our full advantage in terms of manifesting desire? When the imagining of our desire causes us to feel good, we have reached the desired vibration. At this point, law of attraction will take over to manifest our desired outcome. Generally when we first find ourselves really wanting something to manifest within our reality, we are far more focused upon the lack of this thing or circumstance than on its actual manifestation. It’s only when we move out of this feeling of lack and into one of positive, joyous expectation that we see our desires manifest easily and swiftly into our present reality.

The bottom line is this; whenever we’re attempting to manifest desire, regardless of present circumstances, we must strive to feel Good!! When we hold a desire and feeling of positive expectation or positive emotion regarding it, the law of attraction will see to it that our desired outcome will manifest within our reality quickly.

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