The act of manifesting spiritual guidance from a place of suffering or pain would seem to defy the laws of creation, namely, the law of attraction. This law states that in order for us to manifest something desirable, our vibration must first be a match to that desire. How then is it that some of us seem to be capable of manifesting spiritual guidance when in the throes of our darkest moments? The vibrations of this occurrence and our personal vibration at this moment would seem to be incompatible.

I had just learned that my dear brother had passed away. The empty shell of his dead body lay before me on a hospital gurney. My despair over this loss was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I sobbed in desperation, completely at a loss as to how I was to move forward from this devastation. Then, something amazing happened. I suddenly heard my brother's voice. His spirit was speaking to me. I became surrounded in a loving energy. My heart swelled with emotion and my feelings of grief were instantly transformed. He conveyed to me how amazing it felt to be free of his body and how he'd continue to be available to continue his relationship with me whenever I needed him. His joy was infectious. I suddenly moved from profound despair into a feeling of peace and understanding.

Using Law of attraction in manifesting spiritual guidance

As I've long known about the law of attraction and have come to accept this law as fact through witnessing the unfolding of my own creations, I was baffled over how I succeeded in manifesting spiritual guidance while in a state of seemingly very low personal vibration. Surely emotions such as grief and sorrow were not a vibrational match to a manifestation of spiritual guidance. What occurred here? Had I somehow defied the law of attraction?

I've spent many hours in  meditation on this subject. I've come to see that in my profound grief, I reached a point whereby I realized there was absolutely nothing that I could do to bring my brother back to life. In that instant, I resigned myself to the fact that my brother would no longer be a part of my life. This caused me to 'surrender' my sense of self as I currently knew it. It was this act of surrender that cause me to stop resisting the reality before me, and therefore cause my personal vibration to shoot up. The resulting higher vibration was responsible for manifesting the spiritual guidance and opening myself to communicate with my brother

Clearly in my despair, I was declaring to the universe a very strong desire to have a continued relationship with my brother. Each moment that I absorbed the brutal, evident truth of my brother's physical demise, my desire to have him be alive, grew stronger. I'd likely never wished so hard for something to be different than what it was than in that moment. As all of our desires become instantly manifest within a particular vibrational reality the moment we launch them, very strong desire can cause occurrences to manifest easier. The trick is, we must still find a way to increase our vibrational frequency towards being compatible with the one of our desire. If we can match our personal vibration to that of our desire, we will step right into the reality where it will manifest. This is the law of attraction at work.

In the moment that I gave in, and accepted my brother's death, thus surrendering to the reality before me, my personal vibration moved from being 'bottom of the barrel' low, to significantly higher. The strong desire to have a continued relationship with my brother, and then the subsequent, quick withdrawal of my attention from it, created the manifestation of spiritual guidance from my brother. It's generally only in moments of profound despair or grief that we're able to make such a great leap in vibrational frequency. It's much like the effect of a sling-shot. We're as far down at one end of the scale that we can be, only to withdraw the energetic force holding us there. The result is an immediate 'launching' into a higher vibration as we're propelled upwards with considerable force.

Most of us seem to have a deep down belief that internally resisting unwanted circumstances will somehow keep them from fully becoming part of our reality. The opposite is actually true. Acceptance of current reality is the pathway to positive change. The more we 'fight' against negative circumstances, the more we anchor ourselves within them. Acceptance transforms reality. Resistance perpetuates it. Manifesting spiritual guidance in times of suffering requires us to move beyond that suffering by surrendering to it.

Manifesting spiritual guidance is possible when we remember the following truths; Thoughts create feelings. The way we feel dictates our vibration. Our vibration dictates the specific kinds of  circumstances, occurrences and things that we will be capable of creating within our reality.

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