Manifesting Your Perfect Mate

Manifesting your perfect mate becomes easier when you are clear on exactly what this means to you. Make a list of attributes that you are looking for in your perfect mate. Don't hold back. Reach for the stars. Trust in the all powerful law of attraction.  When you envision your soul mate, what characteristics come to mind? Don't be afraid to ask for very specific traits regarding the man or woman of your dreams. Is it sense of humor you're after? Kindness? Sensitivity? A certain outlook on life?....write it all down onto your list. Don't shy away from adding in physical details if these are very important to you. After all, a romantic love connection involves many facets.If manifesting love is important to you, put some effort into the making of this list. Plan like you mean it. 

Manifesting your perfect mate - putting is down on paper

When you have your list completed, keep it somewhere safe where you can add to it as new attributes come to mind. Make a point of reviewing it every night just before turning in. As you do this, envision how wonderful it will feel to have this person in your life. In doing so, you are utilizing and harnessing the powerful law of attraction. As you make a habit of reviewing this list, your perfect mate should start becoming more and more real within your imaginings. You'll know you are close to manifestation of your desire, when reviewing the list actually begins to make you feel excited. This is a sign that you've turned a corner in terms of your belief level and vibration. This signals that you're entering into the arena of manifestation of desire.   This is where thoughts begin to merge with matter.

Over 16 years ago, I made a similar list for myself. Mere months after making it, and reviewing it nightly, I met my wonderful husband. He fits every single descriptive quality on my list, and even has a few that I forgot to add! (I joke with him about my oversight in failing to add 'ridiculously wealthy' to my list...the truth is though that we've been having lots of fun working on that one together!) I still have my list and often pull it out just to marvel at how closely my intentions matched the reality that I created.

It's important to continue to remember that in order for us to manifest love into our reality, we must first be a match to it. Take the time to get happy and content with yourself. Bask in your person-hood and the unique energy that is yours and yours alone. When you've reached the point where you absolutely know that you could be happy with or without manifesting your perfect mate into your reality, THAT'S when you know you've got it! This is a paradoxical truth that is supported by the law of attraction. When we are wanting something too badly, our vibration is simply not yet a match to what we are trying to create. At this stage, we are more focused upon the fact that we do not have our desire. By becoming happy in the moment, regardless of whether or not we have what we are desiring, we become a vibrational match to it. Another way of explaining this is; When we believe we 'need' something, we push it away. When we simply 'prefer' something from a place of already being happy, we attract it to us.

When you've reached the point whereby you are happy and content exactly where you sit, there's no doubt that your goal of manifesting your perfect mate is right around the corner. At this point it won't be long until your new love interest practically drops right into your lap!

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