Manifesting Love

Manifesting love into our reality is something we do naturally when we're already exuding love. The law of attraction dictates that like energy attracts like energy. As such, in order to attract love into our life, love must already exist.

The cultivation of self love is the key to manifesting love and loving relationships into our reality. Many it seems have great difficulty with the issue of self love. In fact, many seeking a loving relationship are doing so with such a frantic fervor, because of a belief in a deep void that exists within themselves. This feeling of a void within is indicative of a belief in a lack of love. Unfortunately, it is impossible to attract a satisfying, healthy, loving relationship from a place of feeling unloved and empty. The good news is, the path to cultivating self love begins the moment we make a choice to do so.

Self love is really the most important kind of  love. It is only through loving self that we are able to have anything worth giving to another. Someone who does not love self, who judges him/herself harshly, who criticizes himself constantly, will do the same to others.It all begins with self. We become capable of loving others and giving freely of our energy when we come from a place of self love.

What does it mean to love yourself? It means honoring and understanding the unique and individualized aspects of who and what you are. It means taking the time to get to know the expanded as well as the contracted version of who and what you are. it means accepting ALL aspects of self.It means going easy on yourself when you mess up.

Something that I practice personally that has aided greatly in my own expansion of self acceptance and self love is this exercise. When you find yourself judging yourself harshly, step back and view yourself as an innocent child. If it helps,picture yourself as you appeared physically when you were young. Then imagine yourself as the most loving, kind, understanding parent a child could ever have. What would you tell your 'child-self' about this issue? How would you convey your love and support?

Manifesting Love With the help of The Law of Attraction

Treat yourself with respect and kindness and just watch as the world in general and all your relationships reflect this back to you abundantly!

When we come to realize the inherent power in  following the energy of our spirit...the vibration of love, we begin to unravel the mystery of self. Loving self is the first step to manifesting anything that we desire. Loving relationships then, are really just an extension and expression of our expanded and balanced self.

When we love and honor our own person-hood, others of the same vibrational energy willingly join us in our dance.

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