Mass Awakening - Outrage Over Walter Palmer, Cecil The Lion Killing, A Positive Sign

A positive Sign of Mass Awakening or Misguided Backlash?  I see The recent outrage over the killing of   Cecil the Lion by Minnesota Dentist, Walter Palmer as an incredibly  positive sign of movement towards mass awakening.   The overwhelming response of outrage towards this  incident  is opening dialogues the world over about man’s relationship with animals. This in itself heralds an important shift regarding human consciousness as a whole.

As saddening  as it has been to become aware of  the scope of  animals that are indeed  being senselessly hunted and ruthlessly killed for the mere sake of thrill,   those of us who care about the plight of all animals can  take heart in the fact that most humans today  have a reasonably well developed sense of empathy and are not blood-thirsty thrill seekers in favor of using and abusing animals for a mere adrenaline rush.  

The Relationship Between Global Mass Awakening and Emotional Upheaval

It’s questionable whether this degree  of outpouring of concern for  animals targeted in trophy hunting would have been the case even  ten years ago.  Indeed with today’s internet and social outlets,  we now have a more viable  platform than ever  from which to voice opinion and to share and compare views, and thus assessing popular opinion is easier than ever.  All things considered, the sheer scale of the public outcry against the practice of trophy hunting, is to date unprecedented.  It's important to keep in mind, mass awakening is not without some degree of growing pains.

People the world over are speaking out and clearly the killing of animals purely for sport is  regarded by most to be cruel and  inhumane. 

 It’s been interesting to see that many  who  condone and even practice hunting for food are morally repulsed as well by the idea of hunting an animal down purely for the adrenaline surge and  thrill supposedly inherent in doing so. Even from a vegetarian/vegan point of view, the divergence in intent behind killing animals for food, and killing animals for fun, and bragging rights,  can be noted.

The level of consciousness of a group of people at any given time in history can be assessed by their tolerance or lack thereof when it comes to abuse of the innocent. In this case, we are clearly seeing a consensus opinion that  indicates that the masses are  leading with their heart. Mass awakening hinges upon the awakening of the human heart.

The psychology And Spirituality  Behind The “Sport” Of Trophy Hunting

Trophy hunting is shockingly,  considered to be a respectable sport in some elite circles.  Hunting for trophy generally  involves tracking and killing an animal for the thrill supposedly inherent in doing so,  posing for a photo with the dead, posed animal, and then cutting off and preserving a part of the animals body, usually the head, to mount or display as a ‘trophy.’

 In a normal human being, empathy and compassion exist alongside the instinct to survive. Thus, even when one finds himself in the position of killing for sustenance or self preservation, it is natural for  a sense of compassion to abide alongside that.

Plain and simply, normal humans are compassionate and empathic to the degree that they naturally have an aversion to inflicting unnecessary pain and/or  death upon another living being.

 Why do some people enjoy killing animals? Despite a constant movement towards mass awakening and higher levels of consciousness, there will always be those who appear to lag behind. 

Trophy Killing is really not so different from the serial killer who kills humans. Both experience at thrill in taking the life of another.  In both instances, killing is a means of trying to connect, understand, and embrace that which one feels very much separate and distinct from. Someone who is spiritually awakened, who  feels complete and whole would never derive enjoyment from killing. Those who seek to connect with what feels to e missing within, through thrill-seeking in the form of trophy hunting or any kind of killing,  are missing a vital element that is inherent in the normally developed,   psychologically, spiritually healthy human being.  That vital element is compassion; The ability to put yourself in the position of another living being, through imagination, to attempt to feel what they might feel. This is what it means to empathize with another living being. Empathy could be said the be the seat of living consciously and peaceably,  amongst other living beings.

An strong ability to empathize and care for others, even those of a different species, is an integral aspect of  mass awakening, spiritual expansion and spiritual growth.

 While many hearts are heavy with the knowledge of this senseless killing, and others like it,  we really  should take solace in the sheer number of empathic, compassionate responses to the plight of not just Cecil the Lion, but to all animals who are hunted for nothing more than a trophy and story to boast about. I am personally also extremely  heartened to see that this unfortunate happening has  opened up more encompassing, general conversation regarding the  ethics involved in even our more accepted treatment of animals.  I believe this particular incident and the overwhelming response of disgust, signifies an important juncture in human evolution and mass awakening that allows us to see just how far we have come, where we now stand, and where we are headed.

Trying to Hate Another Into Being More Loving – The Need For Temperance

 While it is understandable and completely natural to  condemn behaviors that are regarded to be inhumane and unethical, it’s important not to condemn the perpetrator in his entirely. Attempts to hate another into being more loving will always fall flat.

What is an appropriate and enlightened response to Walter Palmer and his killing of Cecil the Lion, and other trophy hunters prominent in media such as Kendall Jones, Sabrina Corgatelli, Rebecca Francis?


Public shaming is a natural response when a member of any society is deemed to have behaved in a manner considered by the majority to be aberrant. That said, it’s important to take a step back to consciously assess that we’ve not allowed our sense of moral indignation to carry us away into behaving in a manner that aligns more with the vibration of the crime than a resolution.

Calls for death or harm to the perpetrators of these heinous actions, go too far. It is possible to stand up against unacceptable behavior and still demonstrate a baseline of respect and even compassion for the perpetrators. Cruelty inflicted upon one deemed to be deserving of it, is really not so far apart from cruelty inflicted upon those we deem to be  innocent. 

In the case of  dentist, Walter Palmer, a very real, fair and natural consequence of his activity may indeed end up being the loss of his practice; After all compassion is a key trait most look for in a dentist, and for those opposed to Palmer’s actions, it’s easy to draw a link between financially  supporting this man’s practice, and contributing to the funding of his cruel hobby.

When considering the ethics involved in making an aberrant member of society aware that his behavior is viewed as unacceptable by the masses, it can indeed be difficult to know where to draw the line. This is where the ability to empathize once again becomes important. That said, the question of “how would I feel if I were in Walter Palmer’s shoes,” becomes even more difficult to answer when those shoes seem to be  absent even the tiniest speck of actual remorse. Suffice it to say, when in doubt, follow heart over head.

Criticism Of Undue Focus Upon Cecil The Lion

So long as ethics are being focused upon and talked about,  a window for deeper conversation exists.  To say that the specific focus upon Cecil the Lion is undue or hypocritical,  is to neglect to see and understand  that most often, portals to major ideological shifts present,  one step at a time.  

The celebrity status of  Cecil the lion is an important opportunity, as it  makes the issue of ethics regarding animals,  easy to relate to for the majority.  Thus the focus upon Cecil specifically,  opens up the possibility of deeper dialogue and therefore, hopefully,  eventually, deeper understanding of the human heart and of the deeper spiritual implications underlying our relationships with animals and the environment.

 If it takes an animal of celebrity status to incite dialogue about what is morally acceptable when it comes to man’s treatment of animals,  then plain and simply,  that’s what it takes. Mass awakening happens in steps and stages. In terms of overall level of consciousness as a human race, we are precisely where we are, and to deny that or get caught up in the idea that it’s not good enough, is to deny an important opportunity and possible portal into greater understanding and deeper clarity regarding man’s relationship with animals.  

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