Meditation has the power to align physical with spirit. Anytime you are feeling unbalanced, insecure in any way, or in general, off path or out of alignment with Source/God, taking a moment or two to go within to quiet mind and reconnect with Source, to meditate, will help to bring you back into balance and into remembrance of the spiritual being you truly are.

Nothing in life has the ability to pull us out of our sense of balance or sense of peace, quite like the death of our loved ones does. The sense of loss is often overwhelming and absolutely understandable considering the impact the physical ending of our close relationships has upon us. As such, if you find yourself coping with the death of a loved one, never before has meditation been as important as it is now.

Practicing this meditation  regularly will help to facilitate afterlife communication between you and your deceased loved ones.

Meditation for those seeking afterlife communication

Begin by allowing a clear picture of your loved one to form in your mind. Combine all of your senses to create this picture. Imagine this person sitting right in front of you. What does their voice sound like? What words do they use? What do they smell like?...look like? What are they wearing? Use all of your senses to re-create the feeling of closeness and familiarity that you enjoyed with your loved one when they were physically alive. Make your visualization feel as real as possible.

Feel the love that this person has for you, emanating from their being. See this love as a pure, warm light. You may choose any color for this light. Either allow the color to reveal itself to you or choose one that feels right. See this light as completely surrounding your loved one.

Now, feel and visualize your own aura of pure light surrounding yourself. Feel it grow in size as you feel loving energy pouring from your heart center, located in your chest area. Visualize this light as being any color that feels right. Bask in the feeling of love you are feeling towards your deceased loved one. Allow it to uplift your emotions. Feel gratitude for having had them in your life.

Allow your circle of light to merge with the circle of light surrounding your loved one. Feel the loving energies meld together and allow this energy to wash over and around your entire being. At this point, I usually begin to feel extremely emotional and uplifted. Tears of joy often begin to flow. Don't worry though if you have a different response or experience. No doubt though, you will very likely feel an expansiveness of emotion at this point. This manifests itself differently in different people.

Visualize yourself speaking to your loved one. Through your thoughts, convey to them whatever is in your heart at that moment. Open your heart and mind to allow yourself to "hear" what your loved one is saying. If no actual words come forth, merely allow yourself to "feel" their message. Feel the healing energies of their continued love surrounding you and feel these energies heal any grief you may be holding over their passing.

Even if you feel at this point that you are merely imagining all of this, it's important to continue. As we exercise our "imagination muscle" it gets stronger and stronger. Our imagination is the door that grants us access to all higher levels of experience. Through practicing this,  it will begin to seem more and more "real." You'll soon reach the point where the emotional shift you enter into while doing this meditation, becomes your proof that you are in fact having a real experience.

I find that after doing this meditation, I can feel my loved one around me for many hours after. I often receive physical signs verifying this. I also feel incredibly energized and spiritually uplifted. It's been my experience that after death contact leaves me with a feeling of peace and joy that sometimes last for days.

Proof of Life After Death


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