Meditation For Manifestation of Desires

This meditation for manifestation of desires helps to shift vibration from one of negativity to one that is more positive.

The law of affinity also known as the law of attraction, dictates that positive thoughts and emotions are important if we are to manifest desire. I use this meditation for manifestation of desire whenever I’m having difficulty shifting my focus from an undesirable manifestation that had occurred within my current reality.

Sometimes, circumstances occur that I simply cannot seem to turn my attention away from. I generally find that issues regarding the well-being of my children or my own health related issues often fall under this category. The following meditation of manifestation of desire helps to harness my focus regarding these issues and turn it towards thoughts of a higher nature.

Meditation for manifestation of desires

To begin this meditation for manifestation, allow yourself to become completely relaxed in a quiet place. Focus on your breath. Gently observe and then dismiss any intruding thoughts, refocusing upon each breath as it occurs.

When you feel your mind becoming quiet and still, allow yourself to focus upon the issue at hand that is causing you distress. Briefly observe this situation as though it were occurring within the reality of a stranger. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the angst of the emotions surrounding it. Assess how this situation could improve for the better. For example, if finances are the current problem, see the situation resolving itself into one of abundance.

Allow yourself to enter into this ‘new’ reality with every sense you possess. Imagine how it will feel, the sights you may see, the conversations that may play out, etc. Visualize this scenario until you feel your emotions rise in response. Acknowledge to yourself that the reality of your imagination is every bit as ‘real’ as the reality that has manifested within your current physical reality.

Familiarize yourself as much as possible with the ‘feeling place’ of this emotion of abundance, or resolved conflict. Tell yourself that as you go about your day, you will remember how this resolution feels. As you allow yourself to come out of this mediation for manifestation of desire, attempt to hold onto this feeling and the resultant shift of vibration for as long as possible. When you find your consciousness returning towards negative focus regarding this issue, gently remind yourself to turn back to the imagined scenario of your visualization and the resultant shift in vibration. The ever present law of affinity will ensure that you will get better and better at this as you practice and will soon find yourself automatically turning away from thoughts of a negative nature within seconds of entertaining them in favor of more positive thoughts. As a result you will see negative scenarios and circumstances manifesting into positive ones and lack manifesting into abundance.

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