This meditation practiced regularly will aid in the development of psychic ability and intuition.

Begin by envisioning a white light surrounding your body. Allow this light to change color or remain a bright white, glowing light. Feel the warmth and purity of this light as it spread in and around you and know that it is the light of the spiritual energy that resides within. Feel this energy emanating outward, filling the entire room and beyond.

As you focus upon this energetic white light, envision your entire being becoming one with it, merging with the particles of light. Feel your physicality and your spirit become one. Your body may begin to tingle or even feel numb, or you may lose sense of your limbs and their positioning. Don't get caught up in thinking about your physical body. Continue to focus inward and upward.

Center yourself within your conscious mind, focusing upon your thought center. It sometimes helps to focus upon a spot in the middle of your forehead. Feel your consciousness expanding to encompass everything that exists and has ever existed. Bask in the loving, compassionate, joyous, conscious energy behind all of creation.

From this state of meditation:

While in this state, envision yourself being connected to the loving energies in such a way that you are all knowing, all wise. Use your imagination to really feel what this would be like.

Now, focus your awareness upon yourself and your life. Inwardly ask any questions that you are seeking answers for. Allow an answer to come into your mind. try not to censor of judge what comes forth. Answers may come in the form of pictures, sounds or feelings. Stay open to receiving whatever comes forth.

If you witness the arising of judgment in regard to any thoughts, images or ideas that arise, simply,  gently, dismiss them. This is best done by  refocusing upon the sensation of breath, and then once again, directing focus bath to the question at hand.

The moment you begin 'trying' to get rid of judgment or specific thoughts, you've become hooked, and there's a good chance those thoughts will to some degree, rise to the forefront. Rather than making an effort to 'get rid' of particular thoughts, it's always recommended to re-direct focus instead.

It's a good idea to have a pen and paper handy to immediately record the answers and impressions you receive during this exercise. Write down anything that arose, regardless of whether or not it seems relevant or pertinent to your question.

In a state of open curiosity, review everything you've recorded to ascertain the message you've received. The answer may not be immediately obvious. If not, return to your recorded answers at a later time. Sometimes all that's required to make the connection is a lull in time.

Traditional meditation practiced regularly also helps to develop psychic abilities, as it helps to discipline and quiet the mind, allowing deeper insights and the voice of spirit and intuition  to be accessed and clearly heard.

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