I've created these specific meditations to help in the attainment of Spiritual personal growth. Meditation involves removing our focus from the physical environment surrounding us and quietly going within. When we focus inward, we connect with the true, core nature of being. 

Meditation serves to create a powerful shift in focus, from that which lies outwards to inwards.  Anytime we change our focus, we experience not merely a shift in where attention itself is placed, but also,  an energetic  shift in vibration. By aligning our attention with our Source, or higher self, we align with a higher vibrations, thus, in doing so, we  come to a place where our dreams and imaginings can begin to take form.

The following meditations, listed and linked to  below,  will aid you on your quest for increased awareness, spiritual growth, and ultimately, Peace.  These are specific exercises, focused upon quieting the mind, and going within.  Each addresses a specific facet of spiritual growth.

Each meditation highlights a specific subject or spiritual area of interest, but  each also has the potential to connect you with the highest energies of your own spirit to help facilitate an expansion of consciousness.

To practice these, it's best to sequester yourself in a quiet, private place. You may lie down or remain sitting, which ever you prefer. I know personally that when living in a household with other people, children and pets, finding a quiet place can be challenging. Do the bet you can. I've had great success with these exercises while practicing them under circumstances that were far less than ideal. As you become more familiar with and adept at practicing these, complete silence will become less important.

Preparing For Meditations:

Begin each meditation session  by taking three deep cleansing breaths. Completely fill your lungs with each inhalation and very slowly, completely expel the air.

Allow your attention to move methodically through your physical body, taking note of any specific areas you may be holding tension within. Mentally visualize a warm wave of energy moving over the tense area, relaxing it. Do this until you can sense your entire body melting into a warm jelly-like feeling.

Begin focusing upon your breath. I find that counting each breath helps to focus my mind during times when it seems insistent upon wandering. When you've reached around twenty breaths, you can begin an active meditation of your choice from the list below.



Meditation for manifestation


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