Memorial Pendant With spiritual crystals

Memorial Pendant - Prayer Box With Spiritual Crystals

Wearing this intuitively hand-crafted memorial pendant with spiritual crystals is a wonderful way to honor and feel connected to a deceased loved one.

For those who are coping with the death of a loved one, seeking a unique way to memorialize a loved one or attempting to make after death contact with those in spirit.

Feel the presence of your deceased loved one next to your heart with this handcrafted, intuitively designed prayer box pendant with spiritual crystals.

Wear this pendant as an abiding reminder that there is life after death and that your deceased loved one continues to remain a presence in your life.

A Memorial Pendant For My Brother's Ashes

I initially created this memorial pendant for the purpose of holding a pinch of my brothers ashes as I loved the idea of having a little piece of him lying next to my heart. I found the pendant to be a wonderful reminder about life after death and it helped me to remember that Murray was always as close as my next heartbeat.

I wore the pendant for several weeks before deciding to add the spiritual crystals, rose quartz, amethyst and citrine to support and encourage after death communication. Whenever I wear this pendant I feel a special connection to my brother and recently have been noticing a resurgence of the numerous signs Murray has been sending me since his death in 2005.

Gold plated, pewter memorial prayer box holds cremation ashes, soil from a special spot, a lock of hair or even a small folded paper with the deceased name written upon it. The Locket box hangs from a lobster claw clasp and is surrounded by dangling spiritual crystals to enhance and support after death communication with deceased loved ones.

Each memorial pendant hangs on a 14’’ black sueded cord that is easily adjustable to a shorter length is this is preferred.

The sides of the Prayer box are decorated with tiny etched hearts in gold plated pewter and the lid of the tiny box secures with a magnetic latch. This delicate container is accompanied by the following spiritual crystals; Two pieces of rose quartz to enhance heart to heart resonance, amethyst to enhance psychic ability and a multi-faceted, citrine crystal to open the pathways of communication between this world and the realm of the afterlife. (The appearance of the crystals on each pendant may differ very slightly from the photo as these are naturally stones which are not completely uniform in nature).

Special Instructions And Affirmations Included With memorial Pendant

The handcrafted memorial pendant with spiritual crystals comes with full instructions and written affirmations to assist the wearer in receiving after death communication from their deceased loved one.


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Spiritual Crystals

These are specific crystals that aid us in making contact with spirit. Rose quartz is well known for its ability to open the heart chakra and align us with the vibration of love. Opening of the heart chakra is imperative if we are to make contact with our deceased loved ones.

Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal that helps to open the mind’s eye to intuition and communication with the higher realms. Used in tandem with rose quartz, amethyst is the perfect crystal to help facilitate after death communication.

Citrine is a golden colored crystal well known for its ability to strengthen manifesting power.

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