Money Affirmations

money affirmations

Money affirmations can be used to harness the  law of attraction to help you to manifest money into your experience. However, like all other law of attraction affirmations, affirmations for money must be more than just the recitation of mere, empty words. In order for money affirmations to have any value in terms of adding to your actual ability to manifest money and wealth, they must be representative, to some degree, of your true feelings.

It is of little benefit to simply recite or read out loud the words, “I am rich beyond my wildest dreams,” if in fact, you currently feel poor beyond your worst nightmares.

When finding resonance with  affirmations for wealth, that will be precisely what you’ll be looking for; The feeling of goodness, agreement or sense of resonance with what the words convey. For those who are coming from a place of feeling lack, such money affirmations  will only  have the effect of the inner critic rising up to declare the opposite. For many, affirming that they are currently financially  wealthy, is simply too far of a reach from what they are actually currently feeling.

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Thus, in arriving at a particular set of  affirmations to use for the purpose of manifesting money and abundance into your reality, choose those that you can agree with and  find some  element of truth within.

Below I’ve made a list of abundance affirmations that most should be able to  find some degree of  resonance with. These money affirmations  speak mostly  to your knowing or belief that it is possible to move from a position of lack to one of abundance.

Feel free to pick and choose accordingly,  the ones that strike the greatest chord of resonance within you. Remember, manifesting money is all about “feeling” abundant. Affirmations that are simply too large of a leap in terms of stretching  your actual beliefs, will often only serve to make you even more aware of your current lack of abundance. When it comes to living the law of attraction, such an awareness becomes the equivalent of creating more lack.

Once you find a strong resonance with the tone of the affirmations below, you can then move on to affirmations for prosperity and wealth that are more challenging in terms of stretching your present beliefs. 

Money Affirmations to Help You Harness The Law of Attraction

law of attraction and money


 Wealth is a feeling, a state of being much more than the current content of my bank account. Through attending to my thoughts, I can control the way I am feeling, thereby, becoming a magnet to money and wealth.

 I am an infinite being. Limitation is merely an appearance, an illusion. This applies to money as well as all other forms of abundance.

 Every moment that I can attune myself towards good feeling, I am getting closer to the wealth I desire.

My natural state of being is abundance.

Abundance is merely a mind-set. To align with the mind-set of abundance is to step into a reality where money finds me easily.

Wealth and abundance are my birthright.

The moment the negative self talk about money ceases, is the moment I begin drawing wealth to me.

Money makes its way to me easy and effortlessly when I am feeling good, and not focused upon the lack of money.

I love and honor myself and in doing so, I affirm and  contribute to the manifestation of abundance.

I need not know where the money will come from. The universe provides to those who ask, so long as they are not allowing resistance to interrupt the flow.

My bank account grows alongside my sense of well-being.

I open myself to all the best and highest that life has to offer, through acceptance of what is.

The universe has my best interests at heart.

Wealth is an energy stream that is always available. I simply must tune into that stream through non-resistance.

I joyously anticipate the arrival of the first sign that my money situation is turning around for the better.

The universe is abundant and there is more than enough to go around.

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