My After Death Experience with my deceased love

by Vikki


On 10 Jan 2012 2.30 a.m my partner of 14 years passed away from Mesothelioma..12 months to the day of his 1st chemo..he always said he would on last the 13 months he had been given
At 7.20 I felt a finger run down my back..I asked him if it was him and he did it again,then his son arrived to tell me, my partner did not want me there to see him die.

(I asked my partner if he was able to to give me a sign..and that is what he used to do)
My partner did not hang around much that day..but on the Wednesday he was here most the day,I could feel warmth, contentment, peace and the purest love i have ever daughter came to visit me and felt it too. she said she didn't want to leave, the candle flame would go crazy and there were no breezes.

Friday 13 Jan at 10.30 a.m was his funeral..he always said he wouldn't be there, however just before the service started I felt his presence..I said, "I thought You told me you wouldnt be here", then I heard him say, "Well I am".

Maybe it was because he knew what was coming the eldest sons wife took the opportunity in her part of the Eulogy to make comment to trivialise his love for me by referring to his late wife as his ONE TRUE LOVE which did not escape notice of others. (the eldest son never wanted us together and had actually forced us apart for the 5 mths prior to his passing..we only got back together 3 weeks before).

That evening I had a call from my ex sister in law whom I hadn't spoken with for 5 years..about the time she decided to block the gift
she always had. He had forced her out of partner had never met her and knew nothing of our relationship she said he was very strong and he was angry about something a female relative said at the funeral, he had seen it written in a book. He also told her he now knows of the plan and he wasn't going to let it happen and he had to hang around to protect me from someone he has unfinished business with, someone he couldn't deal with in life.

I have had 2 dreams of him, one where his daughter in law above tried to say something to me and I was crying I felt his arms around me even when I was half awake, the next one I dreamed he still had the oxygen prongs and tubes on his face, however they were fading..he was smoking (he was an ex smoker)I asked him why and he said Coz I can!

When I mentioned this to my eldest daughter she told me that night she had put a unlit smoke down..her husband saw her do it..she turned to pick it up and it was gone..she got another and did the same thing..and it was gone..both of them looked everywhere and couldn't find them..she was wondering if my partner took them as it was something he used to do.

My sister and he adult kids have also had visits from him and so has my youngest son has had some things happen that he shrugged off until we were discussing it. He has been visiting me off and on.

Today is his 1 mth anniversary..this morning the photo of him beside our bed fell over..I looked at the clock and it was 2.35am. I always feel that warmth when he is around.

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Feb 10, 2012
Re: Vikki - Life After Death Communication
by: Faye

Thank you so much Vikki for sharing your amazing and uplifting story of afterlife communication with your love.

You describe so well the feeling of knowing that is so common amongst those who have had these experiences. I love the words you use accurate, "The purest love I've ever experienced."

Whenever I connect with my brother, I realize after that it is so difficult to find words to convey the feelings that accompany the experience. You've done this really well. I usually say that it feels like my heart might burst with the love...and that of course, is a 'beautiful' sort of 'bursting' I'm speaking of!

I'm so happy for you that you began receiving signs from your beloved so early. In my experience it really does help us cope with the grieving process, which while never easy can be greatly mitigated by our knowledge that our loved ones continue to not only live on, but that they are also closer to us than they've ever been.

Thank you so much sharing.

With Love,

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