My Angel Friend - Afterlife Communication

by Kate
(New Jersey)

This is probably going to be the strangest story yet, because my afterlife communication is with someone who I did not know while they were still alive, I just knew of her. I used to work in a flower shop about 16 years ago.

There was a health food store right next door. One day in December, the owner came in our shop, looking very worried. He wanted to order flowers for one of the young girls who worked in his store. He said she had suddenly become ill, a nervous breakdown, and was hospitalized in a local clinic. I didn't tell him, but I myself had been in that same clinic twenty years earlier. I felt immediate sympathy and told the man that I hoped the young girl (I'll call her Bernadette, not her real name) would soon recover.

Several months passed, and now it was almost Easter. I saw the owner again and asked him how Bernadette was. He said she had run away from the clinic and they were unable to find her. Of course, I felt very concerned. This was around April.

I quit working at the flower shop, so I didn't have contact with the health-food store owner anymore. About a month later, I was buying new shoes for my aunt's golden wedding anniversary party the following day. I was trying on shoes, when suddenly a song by the group No Doubt came on, and I found myself instantly wondering about Bernadette. I hadn't really thought about her for a few weeks. I purchased the shoes, left the store, and as I walked around the perimeter of the shopping mall. I felt compelled to go into a coffee shop.

There, right in the front, was a stack of newspapers. On the front page was an article about Bernadette. She had committed suicide a month earlier, after she had run away. It took awhile for the police to find her, because she died in the woods.

I will never forget that day, because I know Bernadette guided me to that coffee shop where I ultimately got my answer. Every time I hear that No Doubt song, I always think about her, and she knows that! We have a very loving relationship, almost like she is my sister.

What is really weird is, I recognized her from her photo in the newspaper....she had waited on me in the health food store right before she became ill. I remember, because she and I exchanged smiles in her line, a kind of knowing, that we would become very close in the coming months... after she passed away.

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Sep 28, 2011
Re: My angel friend - Afterlife Communication
by: Faye

Dear Kate,

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful and extremely unique Afterlife communication story!....A wonderful example of how a connection of the heart and soul can exist between two seeming strangers. You're clearly someone who is extremely tuned in to your intuition...I always love hearing the stories of people such as yourself who make it a habit to follow the knowing of their spirit....So Very inspiring!!

With Love,

Sep 28, 2011
My Angel Friend
by: Kate

Thank you, Faye, for your kind thoughts. I have found myself increasingly over the last three decades, to be tuned in to things I cannot see, there is no tangible evidence, but are definitely happening. I have learned to absolutely trust my intuition, and when I get a very strong, troubling feeling, especially when it produces great anxiety, I must act.
In the case of Bernadette, I believe that she sensed I cared deeply about her and was concerned for her. She knew, I am sure, of the bond we shared as having been in the same hospital and enduring similar hardships. I wish I had actually known her in life, because maybe I could have helped her with her problems and been a shoulder to cry on. But that wasn't the way it worked out. I guess ultimately it was meant for Bernadette and I to find each other after she passed and have this very wonderful and sweet relationship. She is my guardian angel, and we will have a lovely reunion when I cross over.

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