Dealing With Negative Manifestations

Dealing with Negative Manifestations can be difficult. Have you ever had a day where it seemed a negative theme played out from morning til night? How about a week where everything you attempted to accomplish involved some kind of negative glitch? I’ve been having such an experience myself.

It’s not very often that I get into a lengthy time period where I’m experiencing negative manifestations. Knowing about the law of attraction as I do, I generally make it a habit to play close attention to my vibration. I spend a great deal of time during each day, reminding myself to connect to the greater spirit of my being. This generally means that my thoughts and emotions stay pretty even keeled and in a relatively high state of energetic vibration. Evidently I’ve slipped up a bit in this area recently.

It began with a hostile takeover of a company my husband and I own stock in. We were strongly in favor of the board and management remaining intact and received the shocking news that they were all overturned in favor of a new board consisting of a group of very inexperienced men. We allowed ourselves to be shocked and upset by this turn of events.

While I quickly acknowledged the negative nature of the thoughts I was choosing regarding this issue, I continued to engage my husband in conversation about this turn of events. Both of us allowed ourselves to get caught up in the emotion of failure. Combined with these negative emotions were strong expectations of a complete loss of our investment as we predicted the new board to fail miserably. We allowed this perceived negativity to sweep us along. We immersed ourselves within this stream of low vibration with a fervor that was very close to enjoyment. With these negative thoughts and emotions firmly in place, the stage was set for a rollercoaster ride of negative manifestations. Our mortgage was up for renewal on the following Monday. I dialed the number of our mortgage company fully expecting to quickly renew our mortgage with them for a three year term. I was floored as the person on the line told me that they were no longer carrying mortgages and that we’d need to pursue another company to hold our mortgage. Not only did this mean we had to gather up the myriad of personal financial documents to start from square one again to qualify for and secure a mortgage, but it also meant we also had to hire a lawyer at our expense to process the mortgage.

About a half hour after making this discovery, the phone rang again. This time is was the furniture store my husband and I had purchased bedroom furniture from the week prior. We had gotten a great deal on the furniture and had since, been mooning over our ‘luck.’ Apparently the salesperson who rang up our bill had undercharged us by $300.00. The store was calling to inform us that we’d have to come back in to settle the difference.

At this point, we were beginning to see and acknowledge the negative trend…never a smart thing to do if you’re interested in turning negative manifestations into positive ones! The law of attractions dictates that the more we focus upon a thought or situation, the more of the same we will manifeset within our reality. Mere moments after this, I handed my husband an envelope that I had grabbed from the mail-box. He opened it and threw its contents onto the kitchen counter in exasperation. His bank had just informed him that the cheque he’d deposited from his last client, had bounced.

Negative manifestations - using law of attraction to turn the tide

It was around this point that we both decided that either we start to make light of these negative manifestations, or we’d likely see a whole lot more of them. Sometimes it seems we enter into what I call ‘power points.’ These are periods of heightened energy where we must be extra vigilant regarding our thoughts. During these periods our vibrations are essentially ‘magnified.’ Therefore, negative thoughts snowball downward and positive ones snowball upwards to higher and higher levels. I sensed that we had entered into one of these phases. It can be kind of scary to find yourself in the midst of a negative trend during a power point, but it helps to remember that any positive thought you can muster, will also have extra attractive power towards more positive thought and positive manifestation.

I’d like to report that I’ve been able to put a complete halt to the negative manifestations, but it appears as though the forces that were put into motion have not yet come to a full stop. The furniture store called this morning to say that the furniture could not be delivered today as planned, our mortgage broker called to say that the incredibly low rate she originally offered us was now unavailable and just mere moments ago as I began typing this sentence, my keyboard stopped working and I had to replace the batteries!...and to add insult to inury, my throat has just developed that unmistakable sore, scratchy feeling that tells me I’m coming down with a cold.

How can I stop this downward, seemingly never-ending spiral of negative manifestation? By removing my focus from it as much as possible. While writing about these experiences may not seem like the best idea in terms of turning this trend around, I am already feeling lighter from the expression. Sometimes the act of unburdening ourselves through communicating our story can act therapeutically...that is, IF we use the expression as a means to shift our focus away from the negativity towards thoughts and expectations more in line with the desires we’d like to manifest.

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