Opening The Heart Chakra

for After Death Communication With Deceased Loved Ones

Opening the Heart Chakra is important when attempting to experience after death communication with our deceased loved ones. After Death communication can be an important aspect of coping with grief.

what is the heart chakra?


Chakras are vortices of swirling energy that are located over certain locations of the human body. The heart chakra is located in the chest area and is associated with the color green.

When I first experienced direct after death communication with my brother, I could physically feel his love opening the heart chakra in my chest. I had the sensation of fullness and warmth in my chest combined with an overwhelming feeling of expansive love and emotion emanating from the area of my heart. Along with this, I experienced tingles that ran up to my scalp and down my spine. It was an awesome experience and one that I continue to have whenever I experience after death communication with Murray. I now use these feelings and physical experiences as my indicators of the presence of spirit in general.

The very act of focusing upon the emotion of love has the effect of opening the heart chakra. The heart chakra is where our emotions of love emanate from. Over and over again, in the direct, telepathic after death communication I’ve received from my brother, he’s told me, “It’s the Love that creates the bond that allows us to communicate. “

The love we share with our deceased loved ones creates an eternal bond. It is this eternal bond that creates the two-way portal of communication that is available to all those who are grieving the loss of deceased loved ones. After death communication is possible and available to all of us. It simply involves getting into the right ‘feeling place’ or vibration.

meditation for opening the heart chakra

Begin by getting comfortable, closing your eyes and focusing upon your breath as you would with regular meditation. I find counting each breath helps to focus my mind inward and take it off outside influences.

You will now begin the opening of the heart chakra: Visualize and feel a swirling green energy emanating from your chest area. Allow the green glow to emanate outwards from body, surrounding your in loving, healing light.

Begin to visualize your deceased loved one. Allow yourself to feel all the love you feel for him/her emanating from the area of your heart. Try not to focus upon how much you miss your loved one, and your pain or grief over their transition from the physical plane, but instead upon happy memories of your time together. Try to see their face, hear their voice and feel their energy. Feel the gratitude you have for the fact that you shared physical life and physical experience together.

When you have a clear image or feeling of their presence within your heart, begin to open to the love emanating from them, to you.

Allow yourself to become awash in the vibrant energy of your deceased loved ones love. Try to visualize the energy of your own love emanating from your heart chakra and mixing with the love that is emanating from the spirit of your deceased love one. Surround yourself in this beautiful, healing, loving green light. This should create a feeling of peace and even joy. You are in a very high vibration of love when in this state and it is this high vibration that helps facilitate the communication.

At this point, after successfully opening the heart chakra, and entering into this high vibration of love, you may begin to receive telepathic messages from your loved one, and you may also choose to telepathically relay your own messages. Stay open to any words, ideas or images that just ‘pop’ into your mind. Great trust and faith is involved when first attempting direct after death communication with deceased loved ones. Allow your mind to remain as open as possible and remain passive when attempting to receive this communication. Opening the heart chakra generally makes it quite easy to remain in such a peaceful state. As your faith and belief grow, your experiences will become more real, more verifiable.

The communications I’ve received from my own deceased loved ones often include images, symbols, actually hearing their voice and simply just ‘knowing’ certain things they are relaying to is as though they are simply able to transfer their thought into my mind.

I often find it helpful to keep a notebook nearby to record my experiences and impressions after ending a session of opening the heart chakra. Sometimes I will record an image or thought that at the time makes little sense and appears to have little connection to my loved one, but later that day or a few days later, becomes crystal clear.

Opening the heart chakra is important when attempting all contact with spirit or any kind of telepathic communication. Opening the heart chakra before these activities also serves the purpose of ensuring that we connect with the highest, most loving of energies possible.

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