Personal Story of Out of Body Experience

by Wendi
(Nampa, Boise, ID)

My dad has a story of an Out of Body Experience from his grandmother, as well as a dream he believes to be an afterlife sign from her.

When he was a little boy, his grandmother would come and check on him at night. One night, he woke up and there was his grandmother, in her usual white night gown. But something didn't seem right. She was too tall, a bit transparent and "her expression didn't change, she was just smiling." (as he told me.) After a while, he got up and put his hand out to feel if she was there...and it went through her. As a little kid, of course he silently layed down, now quite scared (and by now, fully awake) and watched it turn, walk around the foot of his grandfather's bed, out the door to presumably where her physical body was.

As usual, being a boy he still lay there for a while thinking what to do. So he made noises to wake his grandfather up...just in case she came back in that state. He wakes up asking the usual "Are you okay?" Dad just blows it off as a nightmare...but he was fully awake. He "remembers that to this day."

Later, when she died, he recalls having a dream of a beautiful farmland and such, taking it as a sign she was all and well in the after life.

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Sep 02, 2010
Thanks Wendi
by: Faye

Thanks Wendi for sharing your dad's after death communication story.

Many report having very similar afterlife visits from their deceased loved ones, where the deceased appears next to their bed. I suspect the abundance of 'bedside' visits are due to the fact that this contact is easiest made when we're in a relaxed state or perhaps even in the hypnagogic state, that stage we enter into just prior to going to sleep.

When we're in a very relaxed state or the hypnagogic state, our vibration is higher and our inner skeptic is not so active.

I've been hoping for one of these after death visits from my brother. I believe he's worried about freaking me out! My son on the other hand did have an after death communication experience where apparently my brother walked into his bedroom with a beer in his hand! My son swears he wasn't asleep and says my brother "looked kind of transparent." Very fitting I might add that he's have a beer in his hand! Amazingly, my son was pretty casual about the whole incident.

I'll keep asking for my after death visitation and keep you posted!

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